Switching Gears

With the announcement of a sequel to Breath of the Wild, I started playing it again. Certainly I will draw some comics about it, as I have before. This is one such comic. I drew it two years ago when I was playing the game on the Wii-U. Somehow it never got posted or colored. Like always I re-drew it from scratch:

Baby Knife: The Big Wrong part 2 got finished and printed. Then I didnt draw comics for about a month. I doodled and drew fan stuff that you can see on my instagram.

I’m switching gears and finishing Black Rivr book 3. It’s pretty much almost done. Only ten or so pages need to get drawn. They look kind of crappy to me, now. I havent worked on them in two years! Again, I want to re-draw it all, but I’m just gonna roll with it.

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Bus Theft

Just because I havent posted anything in the last few weeks, doesnt mean I’m not drawing my wrist off. Baby Knife The Big Wrong, Part II, is finished! It basically took me a year to draw 20 pages. A lot of the book got re-drawn due to my obsession with foliage. The pressure was for sure on, to produce a book to be proud of.

This diary comic just happened to me about two hours ago. I barely wanted to draw this, and didnt clean it up, at all. Just throwing you, faithful readers, a comic bone. Now I have to layout this book and get it off to the printers. You know, the un-fun part of self publishing comics.

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still on it

Keeping up with one page a week is turning out to be the best goal I’ve set. It’s way easy to do two in a row, once the first one is drawn. I drew some more about my walk to work. My photoshop payment went up to $20 a month, so these pages barely got colored.

An obstacle page of Baby Knife book two got broken through this week! I re-drew a few pages because I’ve gotten better in the last year. All of the page layouts and splash pages feel great, instead of passable. It’s hard for me to not have every page be my very best. Sure, someone’s only going to look at it for two seconds. It’s nice to have them want to come back and look at it more, though.

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super quick

I’ve been working on some illustrations for a buddy’s album cover. I cant post any of that, yet.

Here’s a real quick thing I drew from a conversation I had with a friend.

I also re-drew an oldie but goodie. I inked this on a light box and really dig the clean lines. I just need to layer the colors and having sent off to Woolly Press to make new prints. They totally sold out of this print, last time I did it.

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On Brand

I’ve been telling people this story for a year or so. I’ve always wanted to draw a comic of it, but thought it was a little fucked up. I realized today, if you read my comics, odds are you know me.

If you dont know me, this comic is just how I roll. If you super feel the need to get in touch with me about it, I’m fully googleable. Ask Jeeves about me.

Also, I realized, the girl that I’m talking about, will never see this.

I’m almost caught up on a page of comics a week! I need to do two next week. I felt crappy all day today that I’m behind the fake schedule I put myself on. Anything to make my inside feelings hurt. Such is the life of the artist.

There’s a car that passes where I live twice a day. This car backfires constantly. It’s more funny than it is annoying. I have no idea what this car looks like. It might even be a truck. My roommate and I were talking about putting up signs that we’d help them fix their vehicle. We could probably get the surrounding four blocks into a crowdfund of some sort.

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can opener PSA

That is all.

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getting out of job jail

I listened to Ghostshrimp and Friends podcast about quitting my fake job. It really took a toll on how I view my drawing time. One page a week might not be enough.

I’m thinking about shuffling around some parts of my life, super soon. My peers are becoming my heroes. I need to catch up.

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