I’ve been all sucked into the TellTale Games’ Game Of Thrones game. When someone dies on the show (or in the book), it just happens. I like TellTale games because it makes me feel like it’s MY fault. Even though it’s just a videogame.

It’s no excuse I know. I did find this old sketch page for a project my buddy Andrew and I were working on at Ghostcamp. I slapped some color on it tonight:


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Visual: New Girl.Season 5 / Shameless.Season 2

To all of you, American girls, its sad to imagine, a world without you.

I’ve kind of decided to stop just drawing diary comics all the time and focus on Black Rivr. I rocked out the first page of it in more than a year, Wednesday night. It felt pretty great. Here’s a crappy photo i took with my Ipod:


For comics being posted on this comics blog, I’ll leave you with this one I did for my friend Emily’s beer review blog. Emily’s the 5th best roommate I’ve ever had! She helped me get through a super rough time in my life…and took me on beer tours through Vermont! I cant wait to see her again. Enough gushing, more comics:


I guess I was channelling my inner Kirby. More accurately I penciled it and inked it drunk. I thought it only appropriate.

Also, I drew this a few weeks ago. I put it on my tumblr, but it’s shareable on the blog. I talked with my buddy Stephanie about this at SPX this last year. Mash-ups slash puns i’m surprised no one  has done yet:



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2016 will be better

So, in 2011 i posted 89 times in a year. Last year i did 9. BOO! i was thinking about it…and in 2011, i had just graduated from CCS. I was going through a devastating break-up. PLUS i was trying to establish myself as a comic artist.

one of those things is still a goal this year. this last month has been a big life changer. my only new years resolution is to finish Black Rivr book three by fall. that’s only two seasons! the diary comics i’ve been working on super make me draw all the time, but i need to dive into my book again.

Check this:


and i watched Crimson Peak the other night and had these thoughts:


more to come.

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It Follows

I watched It Follows last night. It was alright. I started drawing fan art of Samara from The Ring. By the end of the movie, I just drew this comic. Ghosts not giving a fuck is something I notice all the time.


I need to do some fan art for the movie DOPE, instead.

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Visual: Straight Outta Compton / Dope / It Follows / Life Is Strange

short and sweet

Man, i haven’t posted anything since SPX. That’s kinda sad. I’ve mostly been taking a break from major comic projects. I’m going to focus on Baby Knife, for right now. I just started the second chapter.

This post is going to be fairly short, as I don’t have any real news. The best thing, i guess this month has been that my sister got married! I got to be the maid of honor! It was an amazing couple of days.

I did some fan art for my friend Ben Horak‘s comic, Grump Toast. His idea for a beer with a live rat inside each can is just as awesome as it is disturbing.


Other than that, these are my comic rants:



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i haven’t blogged in a while because i’ve ACTUALLY been busy for once. I luckily got a table at SPX in Bethesda, MD! I tabled it forward to my friends Mia, and Stephanie. Mia’s prolly my favorite table mates EVAR! Stephanie was on the wait list, too. I figured if I got a table, i’d ask her.

So i’ve been steadily drawing a comic about my character, Face, from a print I did. Here’s the first page from that.


My father wrote the story. It’s pretty funny and very insightful. This is just the first part of three, so far. Hopefully, he’ll write more. It’s been super fun to draw and collaborate with him. He’s got a blog, somewhere. Other than that, I’m looking forward to hanging out with one of my scout cousins at SPX, Andrew!

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ghosts dont give a fuck

I got a new job this week. A “real” job, that i go to in the morning and get out of in the afternoon. So, I’ve been drawing every afternoon. I can’t post the stuff I’m doing, because I have a few secret projects right now. Today I was debating what to draw. I decided to rant about movies for once. Horror movies seem kind of formulaic to me. There’s a few that I can think of I really like. Mostly, though, they are drivel. I have a bunch of friends who will crucify me over this (ironically).


Also, I drew this pretty rad car the other day. It’s for one of these super secret projects. It gives away zero plot, though.


Audio: Sylvan Esso.Sylvan Esso / Little Dragon.Ritual Union

Visual: Wolf of Wall Street / Grant Theft Auto V / Gravity Falls.Season 2 / Clone Wars.Season 1


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