i haven’t blogged in a while because i’ve ACTUALLY been busy for once. I luckily got a table at SPX in Bethesda, MD! I tabled it forward to my friends Mia, and Stephanie. Mia’s prolly my favorite table mates EVAR! Stephanie was on the wait list, too. I figured if I got a table, i’d ask her.

So i’ve been steadily drawing a comic about my character, Face, from a print I did. Here’s the first page from that.


My father wrote the story. It’s pretty funny and very insightful. This is just the first part of three, so far. Hopefully, he’ll write more. It’s been super fun to draw and collaborate with him. He’s got a blog, somewhere. Other than that, I’m looking forward to hanging out with one of my scout cousins at SPX, Andrew!

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ghosts dont give a fuck

I got a new job this week. A “real” job, that i go to in the morning and get out of in the afternoon. So, I’ve been drawing every afternoon. I can’t post the stuff I’m doing, because I have a few secret projects right now. Today I was debating what to draw. I decided to rant about movies for once. Horror movies seem kind of formulaic to me. There’s a few that I can think of I really like. Mostly, though, they are drivel. I have a bunch of friends who will crucify me over this (ironically).


Also, I drew this pretty rad car the other day. It’s for one of these super secret projects. It gives away zero plot, though.


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my feminism kicks in

Last week, I had a funny conversation with some dude friends, about a lady friend. I thought I’d translate to comics pretty well. So, I drew this yesterday and colored it today:



Then, today, as I was coloring this it started making me feel kinda creepy. I obviously run comics by all those involved before posting them on (>gasp<) the internet. Everyone thought it was great. I was kind of on pins and needles wondering if Claire would think it was AS funny. She thinks it’s great.

The second, “chibi” page, is the punchline to this comic. It needed the awfulness of the conversation of the first page to work. Yesterday when I was drawing this i got kind of lazy with drawing that room, so that’s why the second is so cute. Also, it sugar coats the comic a little.

I feel like this is an essay I’d write at art school. I just like drawing comics about dudes talking about super gross stuff. Mostly, because we do. I don’t want it to come off as objectifying women. In the back of my brain my feminism starts to kick in. Living in Vermont is the opposite of living in Charleston, SC.

This comic is, to me, dudes thinking a woman they know is perfect. There’s got to be SOMETHING wrong with her. So, immediately, I just to vaginas. If you know me personally, this comic makes all of the sense. I guess, I get away with so much in comics because I’m making light of a situation. If you just stumble upon this randomly, it probably comes across WAY worse.

I often ask feminist friends how I can get away with fully respecting a woman, but also flirt? I mostly get the response “You seem to be doing it the right way”.

On a LESS heavy note, I’ve been devouring Steven Universe! I’d almost go as far as to say I like it more than Adventure Time. It’s different. After the 30 or so episode, I find myself tearing up by the end of almost every episode. The backgrounds are what really got me. Obviously, I had to do some fan art of the temple. Why just stop at drawing something someone else drew. Might as well, kinda, turn it into a comic:


Also, I still have those adorable kitten riso prints available, should you want one (and copies of the first two chapters of my book).

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grrls poop too

I’ve been hanging out with mostly women lately. Conversations with me, inevitably get weird. They make for great comics, though!


Also, I did this awesome print with my friends at Woolly Press!
It’s got a pretty innovative “trick” with some color layering. If you want one to hang on your wall, or throw in the trash, you can get one at my Store tab. The smudges on it, are on my scanner. The smudge kinda towards the middle is where it’s too big to get in my scanner. I assure you, these prints are sexy!

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Sandbox Games

So, my mind was blown away by this new game, No Man’s Sky! Not so much by the gameplay, but more by the universe. I watched the 18 minute gameplay video (google it) and it kind of freaked me out. I feel like, GTA V was a solid amount of space to explore. I kind of haven’e played Skyrim yet…because i want to have a “real” life. Same for Dr. Who. I will LOSE myself in these games. I get, kinda, TOO nerdy about stuff. I realized this with the show Lost.

Anyway. blogging past midnight, for me, is just ranting.

i DID have an awesome conversation with my O.G. bro today about Any Man’s Sky…

I want to blog once a week, but this trumps that, ’cause it’s a current event:


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a need to blog more

gosh, i need to blog more. i’m making a stand! i’m going to ultra try to blog once a week again. it’s not like i’m super busy. “i don’t procrastinate, i just like to do things later” – Ted Danson (Bored To Death).

I’m enjoying a Charleston summer. It’s been years since i spent a summer here. Some crazy shit went down a few weeks ago, here, and I’m not going to go into it. However, everyone is being super nice to each other these day. Not like they weren’t before. It just seems like it’s Christmas in Charleston. I’ve had a solid, great, couple of weeks.

Also, I’ve been drawing a bunch. I get home from work and think “well, i could play tons of videogames and hate myself in the morning, OR….draw stuff”. So, i’ve been drawing stuff:


And then I drew this, pretty recently:


If you havent played, or checked out The Stanley Parable, you are missing out!

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Long time (#logtime)

Wow, I cant believe I haven’t blogged since November. Yes I can. A lot’s been going on in my life. My “adult” life. I moved out of the woods and into the city I grew up in. Let me catch you up on my summer, first and then get to current stuff.


I own a debt of gratitude to THE best woods mates a guy could ask for. Squatch Matrix, aka Friar Squatch, aka Dick Face. The only Christian man i know that’s doing Christianity right. His endless raps and infinite kindness kind of got me through the end of my summer. Matt, as the common folk call him, wasn’t part of the program I was. He hung out at camp to drum up some extra sugar tapping dollars to be able to be a camp councilor for the class of 2014!

Power Hog, aka Bitch Hog, aka Scout of Flowers, aka Crimson Dagger, aka Slave House

I spent three months living in close proximity to Caleb Harrington. He’s 13 years younger than me. It was an experience. I’ve never had a younger brother, but if I did, I’d love it to be Caleb. His illustrations give me hope for the future of humanity. Also Caleb dresses like my mom’s drapes.


And then we get to Foam Breeze, aka Daswasup. >sigh< Andrew Greenstone got me into the Ghostscouts! He’s my best friend north of the Mason Dixon line! I need to publish the amount of comics I’ve drawn about him. For fans of my book, Black River, he’s basically the character Madison. I feel like Andrew’s the best cartoonist I personally know! Like, when my professor Steve Bissette was all like “yeah, me and Neil (Giaman) were at this place once…”. Andrew constantly pushes my artwork to be better.


Then there’s Dan. My life would not be as awesome, today, if it weren’t for the constant support of Daniel Bandit. It’s a real treat knowing him day to day.

I went to comic book school and found my people. I went to Ghostshrimp and found my cult! I totally drank the kool-aide and this past summer was the best one I’ve had since I was 12. I spent half my time doing this:




and the rest doing this:



So. that’s a glimpse into my summer. I highly encourage every to apply for the Ghostshrimp Class of 2016! Or the one this year.

Ghostshrimp has positively changed my life! It definitely upped my forrest drawings game x5! I spent the summer learning how to draw trees and rocks:


so, that’s a peek, I guess. I need to blog more. I’m doing stuff, I promise! I’ve finished book two of Black River.


Black River.

Fantagraphics put out book called Black River, also. So, I guess they own that title now. I’m going to have to go with “Jesse H. Mead’s Black River”. I kind of freaked out for a day about it. Good thing i have awesome bros in my corner.

So, more…soon.

Audio: Shakey Grave.And the War Came / The Decemberists. What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World

Visual: Walking Dead.(whatever season it is) . Top Gun.the Dirties.

post script. i saw this movie called The Dirties. You should check it out. i don’t understand how bullying exists after Columbine. I watched that story unfold in my senior year high school homeroom. I understand that bullies are prolly getting bullied at home. However, we live in the future now! We have a black president AND hover boards!

end post script.


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