I’ve gotten over my sickness. Well, 80% over it. The same thing happens every year when I get a job. I whittle down the hours I have to work. Trying to squeeze the least amount of money I’d need to make ends meet. I’m thinking of working less to draw more. Maybe I should start a Patreon Account?

This comic best exemplifies my days at work:

I think my Bowsette game is pretty solid:

I think I still owe the internet a comic from last week. I’ll catch up, for sure, I promise.

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sick week

I’ve been sick since Monday. Also, i forgot to pay for photoshop. I still drew this comic.

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Walk to Work

I made a promise to draw a page a week. I’m totally keeping up with that, i promise. The problem with drawing comics is that you might not get to see those pages as I do them. I drew these few pages pretty fast and colored them even faster. Just a proof that I’m drawing.

Somehow, I thought it would be a good idea to draw a shopping cart. It was, in fact, a bad idea. Also, that red car has been in the same spot, with a flat tire for 5 months. Someone should alert the police to maybe having it towed. I will be sad when it is gone.

Kent gave me permission to post this comic. Just to cover my bases, posting about someone’s penis. The movie I’m referencing is Uncle Kent 2. You should try to find a copy someplace and watch it.

Should I continue this comic? I think I have a few more things to say about my walk. Not about Kent’s junk. More about the tiny stuff I think about in the 10 minutes it takes to walk to my job. Only time will tell if I pursue this story.

Also, I drew a new cover for the re-print of Baby Knife number one. It’s not colored yet.

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WordPress has gotten more sleek in the past year since I really used it. It’s pretty rad.

Again, I’m not having artists block. I am mostly scared this next Baby Knife book wont be as awesome as I want it to be. I’m just taking my time with it. Instead I watched Bird Box. I didn’t love it, but I like that Netflix isn’t telling anyone what the metaphor is.

After I drew that comic, I felt like it was a little weak. So I drew this comic about my surprise day off that I kind of wasted, not drawing more.

I cant think of anything relevant to type about. I’ve been having a blast at work. Kera’s digging her new job. We are trying to save a bunch of money this year and get out of Charleston, SC. More on that, as it develops.

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2018 was a bit of a transition for me. I was working a job i started to hate. I was so tired after it, I decided not to draw a lot. This really started to bog me down, not drawing. Now I work a job I super like. I’m still pretty tired after work, but still super pumped to draw.

So here’s my 2019 resolution:



We’ll see how long I keep up with this weekly regime goes after Kingdom Hearts III comes out at the end of the month. I’m mostly kidding. Here’s another comic I drew about Kera back-seat-playing Red Dead Redemption II with me:


So, keep checking back, weekly, to see what I’m up to. Or keep up daliy-ish at my Instagram. I’m not going to post whole pages of Baby Knife, or Black River. Both of those projects are in the final few pages. I just NEED to finish them.

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Post Script: This year, we kept track of all the movies we watched in order. Rated on a scale of one to five stars. *-It was a waste of my time **-That was a movie I watched ***-That was a movie I’d recommend to people ****-I want to watch that movie again *****Holy fuck, that movie was amazing!

Kera got mad that she couldn’t use half stars. We might change that this year. Also, if there’s a ~K or ~J it means we watched it alone and if there’s a T after, we saw it in theaters. If we watched it with friends, their names are noted after.


I’ve been struggling with one page of comics for, seriously, months now. I redrew a two page spread, bigger and bigger. Then I visited the magical Ghostshrimp National Forest!

Ghostscouts is a big part of my life. I try to get up there as often as I can. It seeps with creative juices from the trees and sometimes the morning dew. I talked with fellow cartoonists, animators, creatives, and friends. This trip was by far the best vacation I’ve ever taken in my adult life.


I’ve been working at a job in a kitchen that I quite like. I dont have nearly enough time to draw as I used to. I think I’ve reached a point where I need to shift gears IN my life. I’m going to finish this third chapter of Baby Knife and take a break from comics. After this breakthrough page, the rest of this issue is all panels and easy stuff for me to wrap my head around.

skull page

I kind of feel like crap, being tired in afternoons, with no want to draw comics. I’m sure I’ll still draw one page comics from time to time and post them. so, stay tuned. stay tuned in, like, a year.


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i blame instagram

It dawned on me that I never post to this blog because I’m too busy posting everything to Instagram. I posted this joke, and it got the most likes I’ve ever gotten (40). Here’s a color version:

no peaking

I’ve mostly been working on Baby Knife book two. I redrew a lot of it recently, because I drew half of it last year. It requires that I draw a lot of kudzu, so it takes a long time.

On days I get out of work early, I’ve been drawing some diary comic stuff. Here’s some of that:



So follow my Instagram if you want more stuff. I try to post at least one picture a day.

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