Smells Like QuaranTeen Spirit

Lots of comics have been getting done at my house. I hear there’s 30 more days of productivity ahead. Here’s what I’m doing when not drawing:

This next Baby Knife story is the most written as it goes. That’s how I write my own books. I keep having to get my pops to write more tid bits to keep the story coherent. Thus, I had to go back to the beginning and add two pages. Its easy to just drop in establishing shots.

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It was an inside job.

I’ve been living my own personal best life for the past week. Staying in my house and drawing comic pages. Also, Animal Crossing New Horizons couldn’t have come out at a more perfect time. I made a little avatar that looks JUST like me:

I have a pretty good routine down that balances our space. Not a lot changed, just I’m not bringing in new money. If you want to by something, i have a store, that works. A friend bought all of my books and i drew her a cute little turtle, as thanks.

That could be getting drawn for you. Also, I’ve been spending more time pushing my books on social media. It’s only worked twice. We shall see what happens when I get my poster club going. What’s my poster club? You’ll have to wait and see.

Also, this:

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Quarantine day 3.

I came up with a pretty good schedule for drawing while stuck indoors. I also asked people on Instagram what to draw. I got two prompts, pretty quick. Two character from my college days at The Center for Cartoon Studies, Goodnight Moon and Goodnight Stars:

Also, I drew princess peach.

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I guess working from home for me will be two comics projects getting done way faster. Baby Knife and Juniper Black will probably be done in two weeks. We shall see how the future shapes up.

Here’s a comic about laying in bed for two days straight:

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Lots of pans in one fire.

It seems to happen every year, I’ve taken on a lot of projects. They are farther out, this year, but they will all be due around the same time.

Baby Knife book infinity 2 will be done in a few weeks. Then I move to NC. Then I’m focusing on a short short comic for Milk and Honey #5. Then a secret project I’m doing with a friend. Then I can get to work on Juniper Black in earnest. Here are two pages I’m not even going to use from that. I’ve decided to go with a different, creepier vibe for it. I was trying to go for creepier in the first story, you can read in full, here.

These pages were an excuse to draw architecture, instead of trees and rocks. But I cant justify why it’s all Japanese architecture other than that’s what’s fun to draw. So i’ve found a new approach to the village she will be walking around in. Thus, I’m scrapping these pages.

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2020 Vision

I cant believe I haven’t blogged since October! My wife and I have been trying to move to North Carolina. So that will be my official excuse. It’s been a pretty hectic few months. I’ve still been drawing, though.

That second panel doesn’t do justice to the actual photo:

Just the idea that George Lucas probably lost sleep about whether anyone was even going to like his little movie, Star Wars. Then cut to a board room in 2019 with a bunch of app creators. “Lets have green mist and little Darth Vader heads and Baby Yoda logos on cheeks”. What a world we live in.

Also, I’m working on Baby Knife book Infinity 2. A smaller story to read while we tighten up The Big Wrong Part III. Here is the first page from that:

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Failure Acceptable

I know I said I was doing a page a week. That went alright for 20 weeks. That’s a pretty alright run. Then I worked on a 12 page comic for an anthology. So I’m kind of on track. Also, I’ve been doing some freelance work for friends.

I penciled this page because I was ultra in the mood to draw, but had no ideas. When it was time to ink, I realized I didn’t really need to. I really should sketch straight to inks sometimes.

So I’m back on board with a page a week. Stay tuned in and keep my accountable. Oh, and here’s a cute drawing I did of my brother-in-law, Colin. He loves Musky fishing and has a hand-carved fishing lure company, Sixpack Tackle.

Also, I’ll throw in this drawing of my lovely lady, Kera, in case you don’t follow my instagram.

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