Life is Strange

Buying a Playstation 4 was my first big mistake of this year. I admit I haven’t been drawing as much as normal. I beat this amazing game called Life Is Strange. Square Enix put it out ant it’s pretty much consumed my life. Obviously I drew some fan art. I didn’t feel like coloring it.


I did feel like coloring this one, but i got a little intoxicated while i was inking it, yesterday.


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real quick

I just found this drawing I did in an old folder on my desktop. I still like it a bunch. Just noticing I didnt sign it, though, so I’m not sure when I did it. Probably around 2006, maybe. I just wanted to throw it on here:

zombie chic

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I found some stuff

I was going through a stack of old drawings and found some stuff I did while living in the woods of Vermont. The ghostscouts can be lonely, i guess. A lot of the stuff I drew was naked ladies. When I say a lot, I mean, for fun. I drew over 60 pages of comics in 3 months. Almost four a day at my peak. If you read Black Rivr book two, those are they.

Last time I posted giant nekkid ladies, gossip edition. I found this one, also:


And then there’s this:


I thought up this comic a long time ago, but I drew it with Foam Breeze and Squatch Matrix because I was hanging out with them, constantly. I’m not sure if a ton of people will get this joke. You have to have seen Akira, or read the extensive and amazing Manga. Anyway:


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death and taxes

I realized I havent blogged this month at all! That’s the opposite of what I wanted to do. I mostly blame the new Playstation4. Also, my graphic novel that I’ve been furiously doing pages for. I, sadly, left almost all my art pens at my parents’ house this weekend, so I had to just play video games this week (rats!).

This actually happened to me today:


My really good friend Emily was in town this weekend. She does beer review comics at Pints and Panels. So, when she comes into town I’m for sure going out with her and just letting her order everything and schmoozing. We drew each other at lunch:


Also, I was kicking around on Brandon Graham’s blog. It got me in the mood to draw some nekkid ladies. Which I did, but also, found this drawing i did in the woods back in 2014. I’d much rather share that. At the time I was drawing giant women hanging out on mountains and buildings and stuff. Then I had the thought “There’s gotta be big monsters banging all these cute ladies”:


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I’ve been all sucked into the TellTale Games’ Game Of Thrones game. When someone dies on the show (or in the book), it just happens. I like TellTale games because it makes me feel like it’s MY fault. Even though it’s just a videogame.

It’s no excuse I know. I did find this old sketch page for a project my buddy Andrew and I were working on at Ghostcamp. I slapped some color on it tonight:


Audio: Passion Pitt.Kindred /  J.Cole.Born Sinner

Visual: New Girl.Season 5**** / Shameless.Season 2***

To all of you, American girls, its sad to imagine, a world without you.

I’ve kind of decided to stop just drawing diary comics all the time and focus on Black Rivr. I rocked out the first page of it in more than a year, Wednesday night. It felt pretty great. Here’s a crappy photo i took with my Ipod:


For comics being posted on this comics blog, I’ll leave you with this one I did for my friend Emily’s beer review blog. Emily’s the 5th best roommate I’ve ever had! She helped me get through a super rough time in my life…and took me on beer tours through Vermont! I cant wait to see her again. Enough gushing, more comics:


I guess I was channelling my inner Kirby. More accurately I penciled it and inked it drunk. I thought it only appropriate.

Also, I drew this a few weeks ago. I put it on my tumblr, but it’s shareable on the blog. I talked with my buddy Stephanie about this at SPX this last year. Mash-ups slash puns i’m surprised no one  has done yet:



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2016 will be better

So, in 2011 i posted 89 times in a year. Last year i did 9. BOO! i was thinking about it…and in 2011, i had just graduated from CCS. I was going through a devastating break-up. PLUS i was trying to establish myself as a comic artist.

one of those things is still a goal this year. this last month has been a big life changer. my only new years resolution is to finish Black Rivr book three by fall. that’s only two seasons! the diary comics i’ve been working on super make me draw all the time, but i need to dive into my book again.

Check this:


and i watched Crimson Peak the other night and had these thoughts:


more to come.

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