1. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. love it!

  3. hello Jesse, I just visited Mica and Colin and Mica told me about this that you have. It is pretty awesome. Bro henge was really cool. I liked the blacked out part of the comics. I don’t know if you were asleep but it seemed like you were blacked out drunk texting. That would be a really fun thing to discover what went on in the blackout with flashbacks or something- Anyway I liked seeing all your pictures and I really like the cloud with the telephone pole because the pole looks like a ship’s mast and I l ike ships and boats. I saw your movie list. I did the same thing last year and we watched 127 hours on the same day. Crazy. No, I didn’t really do that shit. But I did mark down the same movies I watched as you and we had six in common. I live in Maine most of the year and that’s semi-near VT so I might come get drunk withy ou sometime this year. If you want to hang. If not, I won’t be too crushed- Happy mid-to-late February, Dylan

    there is nothing on my blog yet but hopefully there will be tales of adventure in late march.

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