Back From the Ashes

The next issue of Baby Knife was completed in a month! Sadly, my computer completely conked out. The screen would just cut off after 30 minutes. So I couldn’t even scan all the pages or mess with them in photoshop. I gave all the pages to the publisher, Woolly Press. I went up there to help with printing a few weeks ago (Woolly press is my very pregnant sister and her husband). It was all set to print and then my sister had her baby!


Welcome to the world, Caulder Francis Sutherland! Three weeks early but very healthy.

So Baby Knife: Book Infinity has been postponed for a little bit. Here’s two pages I did for my buddy’s anthology, Milk and Honey.



In other news, I got a NEW computer. An absolutely gorgeous 27-inch iMac with 5K display. It almost hurts my eyes sometimes. I don’t have photoshop anymore. I downloaded a program called gimp. It pretty much sucks. I just spent an hour trying to figure out how to color on it. I give up. I’ll just wait until someone can get me a copy of photoshop CS2 or something. I drew this, with full intent of coloring it. Oh well.


I’ve been playing Breath of The Wild a bunch. Aside from being super pretty, I’d say its just as immersive as GTAV. I just like how my experience in the game is completely different than Kera’s. Like I watched a falling star skate the sky and I ran over to were it landed and now I have a fallen star in my inventory. Much like the fishing in FFXV, the cooking is super fun.


*edit* i just spent the last few hours getting together enough rupees to buy a house in the game. To do so, I had to kill a buncha monsters. I climbed to the top of a mountain and there was a dude moping around talking about how it was “lover’s peak” or something. The pond at the top was a heart with a crack in it. Then i glided (glid?) down to take out more monsters at night. Went back to cook foods to sell. Brought the money to the house owner. He demanded 30 “wood”. I had to go chop down more trees. I ran out of edged weapons to do so. I fast traveled back to the beginning to get the original woodcutter dude’s axe. Chopped the trees. Sold the foods. Got the house. Now i have an empty zeroes and ones place to hang my favorite sword. This game’s SO pretty!

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Visual: Crashing.Season 1 / Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them / The Walking Dead.Season 7


I got this rad new schedule at work and it has made me WAY more productive! I was flipping through Brandon Graham’s book, Walrus. It’s basically a really nice book of his sketches. So, I started sketching more. Here’s some I did today:


I very quickly colored it, due to my computer shutting off all the time. I drew this other thing this week, but I’m not going to color it. It will take a while probably. I don’t wanna wait 30 minutes every 30 minutes to let the screen cool down.


So if anyone wants to get me to do a commission or something so I can buy a new computer…hint hint.

Audio: Christmas Music

Visual: The Jungle Book (2016) / New Girl.Season 6

it’s okay to let it suck for a little bit

I wrote a note to myself saying “It’s okay to let it suck for a little bit”. My life has been kind of sucking recently. I work a job I’m pretty good at, but I don’t love. It’s been really sapping my time. I just got a new schedule that will greatly increase my time to draw.

Other things in my life:

I got engaged! I bought my lady friend a Wii U and wrote her a note saying ” WiiL U Marry Me?” obviously she said yes.

She got me Final Fantasy XV for my birthday…so I’ve basically been playing that a LOT!

I realized the second issue of Juniper Black is basically done. I’m thinking this will be the cover of it:


Minus the logo.

Also, I drew some Xmen that like, recently, with an old joke I made on my tumblr.


A buddy of mine put out his first anthology, called Milk and Honey. Black River completion-ists will have to get it for a side quest comic. Also, you’ll have to have watched The Labyrinth to get the joke.

It’s been a LONG while since I’ve posted. I know. Also, my computer is starting to die. The Screen cuts off if I use it too much. It already did it once while I wrote this.

I have a podcast in the works with my buddy (and fellow scout) Andrew. My computer problem is part of the reason we haven’t done one in a while…but maybe in the new year you will get to hear our crazy rants.

In the meantime, I highly recommend listening to The Boogie Monster podcast. Trust me, it’s funny…


Audio: American Football.(LPII) / Passenger.Young As The Morning Old As The Sea

Visual: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World / Parks and Recreation.Season 4 / The Walking Dead.Season 6

mind blown

I go through these phases. I’m super into music, then I’m super into comics, then movies, then video games. Currently, I’m ultra into video games. I’ve excited about Final Fantasy XV. I’m currently scared to play MGSV, because I’m stuck on a mission. I’m ultra excited about a game called No Man’s Sky! I did a comic a while ago about the math of the game. And now, this:


I started listening to podcasts a little, because of my job. I highly recommend Home of The Brave. It’s poetic and warm to listen to. HAWPcast is fun for nerdy video game discussions. I skipped all the Dr Who stuff. I dont watch that show. If you do, they talk about it a lot. My favorite, by far, is Serial! Season one is flipping phenominal. I would listen to it again if you wanna listen with me.

i’m selling comics at Charleston Zine Fest next weekend. If you want the latest Black River cover, you can buy it at that. I can count on two fingers people who would want to. I’ll be tabling with Woolly Press. They put out other awesome books.

Also, I just watched the crap out of the Netflix show Stranger Things. It’s pretty much everything I want 80’s movies to be, boiled down to a great show! It would really work as a movie. This is just my first attempt at fan art. More to come (spoilers):


I was kinda intoxicated when I inked that. sorry, mom.


Audio: Beyonce.Lemonade / Jim Guthrie.Swords and Sworcery OST

Visual: Metal Gear Solid V.The Phantom Pain / Stranger Things / Legit.Season One

semi colons

i’m bad at posting. This is a cover i did for the third printing of Black River #1. It was colored to be separated in CMYK…so it took me all day. I have to think about the colors and how they layer. This is why you go to college, I guess:


The colors are fairly vibrant because Woolly Press will un-saturate them in printing; is that a proper use of a semi colon?

audio: Beyonce.Lemonade / Bloc Party. Intimacy

visual: Lost.Season 6 / Hail, Caesar / Another Period

Fuck ton!

I’m pretty busy trying to get something together for HeroesCon. I was thinking of doing an Ashcan kind of comic: a personal anthology. We’ll see.

I’ve been listening to the book-on-tape or The Name of The Wind and it’s been influencing my graphic novel, writing wise.

The BEST movie i’ve seen in a while was maybe Room…and maybe the best game I’ve played…that I still think about is Last of Us. Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes is the prettiest. I have not beaten it yet. I still need to play Peace Walker, but I prolly wont.!

All of these things have more to say, narratively, than (then) me…and it makes me sad. Maybe I need to get back into the woods.


Audio: Beyonce.Lemonade / Sense Field.Tonight and Forever

Visual: The Big Lebowski**** / Lost.Season 3*** / Room*****

Voting > hipsters

This might be the only political comic I ever draw. I was just thinking today, on my bike ride to work, about the upcoming election. One way or another, I can still write in “Bernie Sanders”. I just hope I spell his name right.


I’ve spent the last few days re-writing the ends of Black Rivr and Juniper Black. I cant wait to show you the changes. However, it’ll all be new to you.

Buying a Playstation 4 was the death of my motivation on work days, to draw. I’ve also found that listening to books on tape at work make me re-think said plot lines.

Audio: Tool.10,000 Days / Name Of The Wind.The Wise Man’s Fear

Visual: Metal Gear Solid V:Ground Zeroes***1/2 / Lost.Season 3*** / Room****1/2