no more pussy-footing

I felt I had to step up my game a bit today. I challenged myself to draw a comic in 240 minutes. A variation of the 24 hour comic.
I thought a 24 minute comic would be TOO hard. I added a zero for good measure. I wrote, drew, inked, printed, and put together a 12 page (plus 4 “cover” pages) comic in 4 hours. It was pretty nerve racking. I only put together 50 of the 100 copies I printed. I did the whole thing in brush, except for lettering.
After doing this, I was a comic book making juggernaut! I immediately hopped on a smaller, yet tighter comic. I was going to draw this as a one pager. However, I did it as a 7 page mini. I’m going to print 50 copies tomorrow. I’m printing enough for all the kids at CCS, with a few left over to sell at ICAF.
ANYWAY, here’s the one I did second:

Audio: Foster The People.Torches

Visual: Lost.Season 5


Random Haus

It’s OFFICIAL! Mike and Mary and I have dubbed our living space, “Random Haus”. Yes, I know that’s a publishing company. If you visit our humble abode, Random Haus totally applies. You’ll see.

Random Hau

So all the comics I draw from now on (aside from Linky Franky and Bro Henge) will be Random Haus ComiXXX. I’ve some things percolating.
Today I doodled this out, as a warm up:

A warm up for what, you ask? I finished reading Popbot yesterday and simply had to rock some fan art:

Tomorrow, COMICS!?

Audio: The Beatles.Aubbey Road / The Protomen.Act II: The Father of Death

Visual: Game of Thrones.Season One