workin for the man

So, I’ve been re-reading Ashley Wood’s amazing book, Popbot. I need to fill in the gaps in issues I’m missing. I doodled this today:


Also, I spent some time designing some “costumes” for an adult Juniper Black.



Also, I got two of my books reviewed by Rob Clough. He had nothing but good things to say about my two books I put out his year. The Adventures of Juniper Black which you can read the first chapter of here. Also, my ongoing saga, Black River. You can get a copy of it here, if you want.

I’m going to get back to making awesome stuff. Just wanted to let you know I’m rocking.

Audio: Game Of Throne.Clash Of Kings Audiobook / Bioshock.Infinite OST

Visual: Sucker Punch / Sleepy Hollow.Season One


Random Haus

It’s OFFICIAL! Mike and Mary and I have dubbed our living space, “Random Haus”. Yes, I know that’s a publishing company. If you visit our humble abode, Random Haus totally applies. You’ll see.

Random Hau

So all the comics I draw from now on (aside from Linky Franky and Bro Henge) will be Random Haus ComiXXX. I’ve some things percolating.
Today I doodled this out, as a warm up:

A warm up for what, you ask? I finished reading Popbot yesterday and simply had to rock some fan art:

Tomorrow, COMICS!?

Audio: The Beatles.Aubbey Road / The Protomen.Act II: The Father of Death

Visual: Game of Thrones.Season One