Now’s the time to attack

I fixed some buggy stuff on the Ghost-Starter page. Thanks to friends and family for pointing out some flaws.

Thanks also, to my friends who have signed up already. They have seen a few photos of comics i’m working on before I visit Woolly Press this Saturday.

I did this a month or so ago and just got around to coloring it:


I’m going to be making some next level comics over this year. You can get them delivered straight to your door. Or you can have them delivered anywhere, I guess. Sign up TODAY!

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So Much Stuff

Wow, I haven’t posted in a while. Longer than I remember, even. I’ve been busy between work and comics and playin the crap out of Bioshock Infinite.
Let me start by saying Bioshock Infinite had a LOT to live up to, as far as I was concerned. The whole game was pretty amazing. Just as I started to feel it was “ho-hum”, it flipped the story on me. I highly recommend it to pretty much everyone who likes story driven games. Zero Punctuation did a pretty good review of it.
Aside from that, I’ve been churning out pages of comics. All the pages of Black River part two are slowly coming along:


I’m also, working on a story that i’m trying to do as fast as i can. I spend, maybe 30 minutes a page. Quick sketched pencils and fast inks. The working title is “Art Show 2008”. It’s mostly about time travel:


Finally, most recently, I’ve been doing some new Lincoln Franklin Ghost Hunters 2070 stuff. It’s a story I’ve been wanting to do for about 2 years. It takes place immediately after the 3rd chapter of the first book. I drew these pages in the last week. I think I’m going to try to do another chapter and collect the two into the next book by Heroes Con. This story is also, strangely, about time travel:


It’s been a while since I drew all these Linky Franky characters. This chapter doesn’t really have Goodnight Moon or Goodnight Stars. I was getting antsy, so I drew this the other day…just for fun:


I’m also thinking of putting out the first book with a kind of “directors commentary” format. To point out all the little things I hid in those books, I’m sure no one will ever notice.
Also, I’ve been working with a Pentel Brush pen more often. I rocked out this fan art of Ashley Wood‘s Robots Vs. Amazons drawing a while ago and tried out new coloring techniques:


Also, I did this fan art for my friend Ian’s tumblr. Naked ladies with animal skulls for heads?! Seems right up my alley:


Finally, I did some fan art for my long time idol Trent Kaniuga’s new webcomic Twilight Monk. I’m sure if you look hard enough, you’ll notice Trent’s influence in my stuff:

So, I am, in fact busy. I’ll most likely post the original Lincoln Franklin story soon. It’ll have it’s own tab like Brohenge.

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I know I’ve been off the grid, a bit, lately. I’m in the process of getting my life in order to move back to Charleston. Slowly but surely, I’ve been working on Black River. However, last night I drew a comic about poop, obviously.


So, on that note, I think I’m going to not draw any Lincoln Franklin Ghost Hunters comic anymore. I’m just, ready to move on. I might get back to it, eventually. So, I’m going to put it all on here. After the new year, the whole 40 page will be a tab like Bro-Henge.


Also, if you’re smart, you should be reading Brandon Graham‘s Multiple Warheads:


It’s coming out monthly from Image. Issue two just came out, go pick it up.

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actually busy


This last month has been actually busy! Paul Pope and Sam Hiti came to visit the school! I totally got to hang out with them for 5 days! I totally got Paul to draw me this:

Oh, man, we went to Molly’s in Hanover one afternoon. Sam and Paul were drawing all over the brown paper tablecloths. The waitress came over and asked Paul “Oh, those are good. Are you going to school for art?”
I wanted to lean over and be like “Bitch, you have NO idea”!

Then, last week, my mad bestie, Caitlin McGurk moved away. Sad face. I meese her, madly. She went to be the best librarian Ohio State University has ever seen! If you go to school there, say hello to her for me.

I’ve been kicking around an idea for a mini comic about clouds. Well, less a comic, and more just drawings of clouds. I have a weird love of clouds. They are good at brightening my day. Here’s one:

In comic news, I HAVE actually been drawing some. I did a doodle of Goodnight Moon the other day:

So, yeah, I’ll post ACTUAL comics soon. Just dropping in to let you know I’m working on things and I’ll post more soon.


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the return of Linky Franky

I started working on the “lost chapter” of Lincoln Franklin: Ghost Hunters 2070. It was originally between issue one and two. The gang drives Napoleon back to head quaters and run into some trouble. Goodnight Stars also makes a brief appearance. Monty originally drew it, but he doesn’t really have his hands in the project anymore. So, I’m going to go ahead and draw it out, for a more cohesive feel. He’s a peek at the first page:

I am going to finish Brohenge soon, I plomise.

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