busy staying busy

I’ve been busy as a bee working on projects. The next two chapters of The Adventures of Juniper Black are all about drawing architecture. That’s just what I’m into drawing these days. Here’s the first page with some color thrown in for context:Image

I’ve started doing two quick projects I’ve had kicking around for years now. The must be done by christmas, so they are front runners, currently. I can’t show them off, quite yet.

I’m laying out pages for a zine about my experiences at Ghostcamp. I’m thinking of calling it “Only Downward Strokes”. Ghostshrimp is not a cult:


Yesterday I drew this to warm up for secret projects:


It’s a gender swap of my favorite baddie from Metal Gear: Rising. I’m surprised no one else is drawing gender swaps of that game. Everyone is pretty androgynous already. Maybe that’s why no one is, it’s too easy.

Then, today is one of my favorite artist’s birthdays. Liz Prince‘s comics made me realize how awesome diary comics can be. I feel like I really cut my teeth on my current level of comics because of her. Drawing everyday is hard. Diary comics are slightly easier, because they’ve already wrote themselves. So, I drew this for her:


This has all been proof that I’m busy working on things between the things I’ve been working on. So, I’ve be extra busy staying busy.

EDIT: Oh, and in two hours, I just rocked out a new header for this site. It’s more detailed than you can really appreciate in the tiny header. Here’s a higher res:


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workin for the man

So, I’ve been re-reading Ashley Wood’s amazing book, Popbot. I need to fill in the gaps in issues I’m missing. I doodled this today:


Also, I spent some time designing some “costumes” for an adult Juniper Black.



Also, I got two of my books reviewed by Rob Clough. He had nothing but good things to say about my two books I put out his year. The Adventures of Juniper Black which you can read the first chapter of here. Also, my ongoing saga, Black River. You can get a copy of it here, if you want.

I’m going to get back to making awesome stuff. Just wanted to let you know I’m rocking.

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Juniper Black part two

People seem to really like The Adventures of Juniper Black. I started drawing part two, set in a jungle. Juniper is around 16 or 17 now. I drew about two and a half pages before I realized it wasn’t the story I wanted to tell. The woods weren’t creepy enough.


So I started over, yesterday. This part is the opposite of the last story. Juniper’s still older, but it’s going to take place in a cave.

I get to fill in a LOT of black space. The spot color will be yellow, I’m thinking:


I’m actually sketching character designs for this little book. I don’t really do that with Black River. So, I can have a neat little “sketchbook” section in the printed version. I always like it when books have those.

Also, I did an illustration for the monthly Ghostshrimp Illustration Contest. The words this month were “Phantom Breakfast Robber”. I find that my first idea is the one I usually go with. Also, all the scouts from ghostcamp have shout outs in this drawing (thus the random pickle jar):


Finally, I did some ChronoTrigger fan art for my buddy Jesse Durona‘s SNES anthology. I colored it in, but I want you to buy it from him. So, here’s the dull uncolored version. More details on where to get a copy, as they develop.


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poop prints

So, I re-drew an old comic about poop. It seems to be quite popular, to draw poop. I kind of documented the drawing process. It’s pretty simple, as far as drawing processes go. First I taped two sheets of 11×14 Strathmore Vellum Bristol sheets together:


Next I ruled out some key points on the boarders (1.25 inches) since I rarely work this large. Using a Rapidograph “Mephisto” blue water color pencil to ketch everything out:


When I’m done sketching a page, I immediately want to ink it. However, I took my time inking in the lettering and panel boarders first. Then I forgot to take a photo of that, and impulsively inked the intestines:


Finally I used a Pentel pocket brush to ink in the whole thing. It took about an hour.


So, my friends over at Wooly Press are going to print these in 4 colors on a riso-graph printer. The first 10 people that sign up for the 40 dollar Ghostshrimp thing I’ve got going, will get one for FREE! This is the caliber of “goodies” i like throwing into packages.

Aside from this, I found these marker drawings I did for Heroes Con:


The Kraken from Umbrella Academy.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Raphael.

I drew this for my sister. She loves the beach:


In closing, the pressure of the woods is looming. I got 9 days left at my place of employment. My car is almost up and running. It’s a busy time right now. I’ll try to post whatever I work on, before the woods.

Before you go, check out this awesome tweet by the infamous Paul Pope:


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Okay, guys (and ladies), I totally got this amazing internship! You watch Adventure Time, right? Cool. So, the guy that did the backgrounds for it has this intense training program in my second favorite state, Vermont. He did all those A.T. backgrounds and spent his fat check on 40-some acres of forest he has dubbed the Ghostshrimp National Forrest. I’m get to go live in that forrest with 6 other guys and  dolls for 30 days!

I’ll be drawing stuff erry day for at LEAST 4 hours. Also, I’ll be cutting down trees, building stuff, laughing, breathing crisp mountain air, eating out of cans, carpe-ing diems, sleeping in a tent, and managing mischief.

So, if YOU want to halp me live more comfortably in exchange for goods and services (comics and shipping), I’ve created this page on my blog. No pressure. I’m just saying…I’m definitely going to make a comic about my time there, while I’m there. If you want in on that action.

Aside from that, I’ve been mostly working a TON. Mostly trying to get my car back into working order. Also, to pay for this trip.

I’ve also been drawing a bit.

here’s some turtles:


In the last month, I’ve fallen in lust with Prismacolor Markers. I still LOVE photoshop, but I’ve got this thing on the side with Prismacolors. I’m totally open and honest with Photoshop. She’s cool with it…apparently she’s charging monthly, for most people, these days.

That’s my tiny rant about photoshop.

Here’s some other stuff i colored with markers:


always, i love Brandon Graham.



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So Much Stuff

Wow, I haven’t posted in a while. Longer than I remember, even. I’ve been busy between work and comics and playin the crap out of Bioshock Infinite.
Let me start by saying Bioshock Infinite had a LOT to live up to, as far as I was concerned. The whole game was pretty amazing. Just as I started to feel it was “ho-hum”, it flipped the story on me. I highly recommend it to pretty much everyone who likes story driven games. Zero Punctuation did a pretty good review of it.
Aside from that, I’ve been churning out pages of comics. All the pages of Black River part two are slowly coming along:


I’m also, working on a story that i’m trying to do as fast as i can. I spend, maybe 30 minutes a page. Quick sketched pencils and fast inks. The working title is “Art Show 2008”. It’s mostly about time travel:


Finally, most recently, I’ve been doing some new Lincoln Franklin Ghost Hunters 2070 stuff. It’s a story I’ve been wanting to do for about 2 years. It takes place immediately after the 3rd chapter of the first book. I drew these pages in the last week. I think I’m going to try to do another chapter and collect the two into the next book by Heroes Con. This story is also, strangely, about time travel:


It’s been a while since I drew all these Linky Franky characters. This chapter doesn’t really have Goodnight Moon or Goodnight Stars. I was getting antsy, so I drew this the other day…just for fun:


I’m also thinking of putting out the first book with a kind of “directors commentary” format. To point out all the little things I hid in those books, I’m sure no one will ever notice.
Also, I’ve been working with a Pentel Brush pen more often. I rocked out this fan art of Ashley Wood‘s Robots Vs. Amazons drawing a while ago and tried out new coloring techniques:


Also, I did this fan art for my friend Ian’s tumblr. Naked ladies with animal skulls for heads?! Seems right up my alley:


Finally, I did some fan art for my long time idol Trent Kaniuga’s new webcomic Twilight Monk. I’m sure if you look hard enough, you’ll notice Trent’s influence in my stuff:

So, I am, in fact busy. I’ll most likely post the original Lincoln Franklin story soon. It’ll have it’s own tab like Brohenge.

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Plugging Away

Proof that I have been working on something big:


I draw as I go along, mostly. I know the key points I want to happen, but mostly let the story lead me. I drew myself into a fight scene. I’m not the BEST at them, so I try to draw them, to get better. So, that’s what’s taking me so long. I’m pretty sure, as of today, what to do next. We’ll see, in the coming week.

I’ve mostly been doodling, in my fight scene artists block.


I hear Naruto is getting good again. I need to go back and re-read a bunch of it. I started playing Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2.The Broken Bond. The fight animations are definitely helping me with my block. I love “drawing” inspiration from all forms of media, not just comics!

Then, I drew myself as a Hogwarts student:


Obviously, I’d be a Slytherin.

And, finally, I’ve been spending time everyday drawing the buildings in my town. I really like drawing architecture. It’s hard, but fun. I enjoy pushing my artistic talent by doing stuff I don’t like doing. Here’s the one I did today. I didn’t even want to ink it after penciling, because it was SUPER nuts:


I’m going to try to do most of the buildings in town (there aren’t many). they finished book will not be in color. I just threw some on this one ’cause Photoshop was already open, due to coloring other stuff.

PROOOOOF!  I am working on stuff and not just neglecting my blog.


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