emo as all get out

Back to this emo bullshh:

I just slept 10 hours and I feel great!

Audio: Jay-Z and Kanye West.Watch The Throne

Visual: Griff The Invisible


tomorrow, comics

I actually drew some comics today. I’ll post it tomorrow. Here’s a teaser:

Yep, more emo comics.

I’m also going to post some more Brohenge soon. Art is hard.

Audio: The Decemberists.Castaways and Cutouts

Visual: Lost.Season 4 (third re-watch)

feeling blue (or rather brown?)

I was in a bit of a state towards the end of last week. A state to not draw any comics. A funk if you will.

Now I’m back, though. I figured I’d re-kick off with an “emo” comic. My roommate Emily tells me I should only print the super sad ones. I guess they’re the ones people relate to most. hmmmm.

Other than the end of last week…I had a great week-end. I got my intern hours finished for Alec Longstreth! I went swimming everyday. Went to Harpoon Brewery‘s BBQ Festival. Got an awesome sun burn. Expect comics about swimming!

Audio: Battles.Gloss Drop

Visual: Fringe.Season 2