busy staying busy

I’ve been busy as a bee working on projects. The next two chapters of The Adventures of Juniper Black are all about drawing architecture. That’s just what I’m into drawing these days. Here’s the first page with some color thrown in for context:Image

I’ve started doing two quick projects I’ve had kicking around for years now. The must be done by christmas, so they are front runners, currently. I can’t show them off, quite yet.

I’m laying out pages for a zine about my experiences at Ghostcamp. I’m thinking of calling it “Only Downward Strokes”. Ghostshrimp is not a cult:


Yesterday I drew this to warm up for secret projects:


It’s a gender swap of my favorite baddie from Metal Gear: Rising. I’m surprised no one else is drawing gender swaps of that game. Everyone is pretty androgynous already. Maybe that’s why no one is, it’s too easy.

Then, today is one of my favorite artist’s birthdays. Liz Prince‘s comics made me realize how awesome diary comics can be. I feel like I really cut my teeth on my current level of comics because of her. Drawing everyday is hard. Diary comics are slightly easier, because they’ve already wrote themselves. So, I drew this for her:


This has all been proof that I’m busy working on things between the things I’ve been working on. So, I’ve be extra busy staying busy.

EDIT: Oh, and in two hours, I just rocked out a new header for this site. It’s more detailed than you can really appreciate in the tiny header. Here’s a higher res:


Audio: Childish Gambino.Because The Internet / The Way Way Back.OST

Visual: The Breakfast Club / Prometheus / Return Of The Living Dead


not dead

Just a quick doodle comic i did yesterday. It’s mostly to remind people I’m still alive, and real, and creating things. To prove I really do exist.


Audio: Alabama Shakes.Boys and Girls / Of Monsters And Men.My Head Is An Animal

Visual: Utopia.Season 1 / Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

many projects

I’ve been kind of busy, as of late. Less with drawing and more with work. I’ve been coloring a huge drawing for my friend Andrew Greenstone‘s website. I don’t want to post the line art, since it’s not mine. Plus, I’m not done coloring it. Here’s a snippet of it, though:
Aside from that, I’ve been making flyers for friends. One is my friend Ryan and I spinning records together. When we spin together, we do so under the name Oculus Repairo. The other is for my friend Parker’s bar, The Sparrow. It’s for his Super Bowl party. I got paid for it!

Slowly but surely, I’ve been drawing some comics, too. I’d been reading lots of Heavy Metal back issues. While reading, I was thinking about how all the stories are so poignant. I’m just not a good enough writer to say something as cosmic.
I may have gotten a little more intoxicated towards the end of that, than I should have been. Thus, the drink and ink line.
Also, i’ve super slowly been working on Black River. Here’s the next page. Number eight for  those of you keeping track. The first 7 can be read here. I’m currently working on the second chapter, where the gang goes swimming. I introduce the other two main characters on the page after this one. This is the only one I’ve gotten around to grey scaling:
That’s about all I’m working on. Charleston has gotten me way more busy than White River had me. Hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones. My car has totally stopped working. I’ll have to save some money to get it fixed. I’ve been reading great comics and watching uplifting movies. Life’s kind of crazy, but I’m trying to stay positive. It’s easier, here, in Charleston (and less cold).

Audio: The Decemberists.The Hazzards Of Love / The Middle East.Recordings Of The Middle East

Visual: Waynes World / Sherlock Holmes / Game Of Thrones.Season One


I’m settling down in Charleston a little better. I have a job and a place to say. I’ve been going through boxes and being extra un-sentimental. I found this plastic tit that my friend Caitlin gave me and drew a comic about it:the-tit

I wanted to make sure Andrew was cool with me depicting him as a titty obsessed crazy person. We sent some emails back and forth, and he (per usual) gave me very deep advice:



Audio: Passion Pit.Gossamer / Hung.Season 2

Visual: The Hobbit / Django: Unchained

year of the posting.

New years was fun:


I suppose my “resolution” this year is to sketch more and focus on comics more seriously. I’ve been keeping a journal and it’s been fun. I’m also going to post more often.

Charleston has been very good to me, socially, this last week. I’ve been laughing more and that is good.


Also, in 2012 I watched a lot of movies. You can read the list of them, here.

Audio: Little Dragon.Ritual Union

Visual: This Is 40 / Lost.Season 6

last post of 2012

So, i drove all the way from White River Junction, VT to Charleston, SC in 24 hours. I slept for about 4 of those. There was a lot of traffic. I was also freaked out that my car was going to shut off at any second. Big shout outs to my buddies Brandon Yamamoto and Josh Miller. Its good to have meatheads/manly dudes in you life that know how to fix an engine. Little Schroeder, my car, was pooped after the long drive.schroeder
So, I’ve been mostly hanging out with family, as of late. Seeing people I haven’t seen in a while. I was going through some things I left here when I moved away.
I will post my yearly “movies I’ve watched this year” after the new year. Along with other stuff I’ve been working on.

Audio: The Protomen.Act II The Father Of Death / Game of Thrones.Clash Of Kings

Visual: Inception / American Horror Story.Asylum

Black River

So, I finished the first “chapter” to my new project. Its called Black River. It’s basically diary comics mixed with fantasy elements. I’m just now starting on the second chapter.

I decided to do it in grey scale. Originally, I’d planned to do it in color. However, color printing is expensive. I can always go back and color it later. We’ll see where it takes us.

For now, here are the first seven pages.

Also, check out by friend Andrew’s tumblr! I’m drawing major inspiration from him currently.

Audio: M83.Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming / The Protomen.Act I: Hope Rides Alone
Visual: Bridesmaids / Modern Family.Season 2 / The Campaign