Punk Time

This conversation didn’t go down with the people involved, my apologies. I’m sure Alex knows that shows don’t start on time. However, someone had to play the dummy. Plus, I’m kind of working on a comic about how Andrew’s a genius.

In the first panel, I was going to have Andrew drinking. Then, I forgot to draw it in. That’s why he’s just got his mouth open for no reason.

Last night I thought it’d be a good idea to draw a “chibi” Brohenge.

I lead a boring life. The only real other news I have is I might move to Connecticut. My friend Emily might get a job there. She asked me to move in with her. It's still up in the air. Either way, I drew our logo:

Maybe I’ll have adventures in the next week to tell you about next post.

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fake post

So, in case you didn’t know, I’ve moved locations. Still in White River Junction, but now, living above the AMAZING Main Street Museum.

When I moved…I threw everything I owned into boxes. So, i don’t know where the power cord to my scanner is. I just haven’t located it, yet.

So, instead of an update…i’ll give all a faux-update.


i redrew these two, IMPORTANT, pages of Bro-henge, because they never felt as awesome as they should have been.

i’ll post something new and exciting sooooooon…i hope. if i can find the box the power plug to my scanner is in…

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in the lion’s jaw

>Phew< life is crazy. I'm getting down to the last few pages of Brohenge. This one was super fun. I think as long as the next page you draw is going to be fun to do, you’re doing something right. The next page from this is pivotal, so I need to have a fever dream soon to lay it out.

I’ve realized, I’ve perfected drawing Alex Bullett. Take THAT, internets!

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today’s going to be a long one

Wow, page twelve of Brohenge?!
This comic was supposed to be 8 pages originally. I’m almost done,just four more pages, I promise. Then I’m going to work on something longer term. Thus, I will post less than everyday. However, the pages will be less frivolous.
Caitlin and I are going to Connecticut today to attend some family reunion-y kind of situation. She’s going to meet JUST as many family members as I’m going to meet. So, we’ll see how that turns out. However, we are going to only listen to old school rock and roll slash emo circa 1999!
Have a good-ish day.

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why do i start what i cant finish

I think I’m going to go back and re-draw this Brohenge spread. The plan to get lesbian ladies to make out with Alex and I. ONLY based on Melanie telling me we aren’t dressed slutty enough. Until I do that, here’s the second page of said plan:

Other than that, I’m over the hill of pages on Brohenge. I should be able to wrap up this part of the story soon. I need to work on a longer form comic. Mostly to keep me busy. Winter’s coming and I need something to keep me warm.

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the wait is over

FINALLY, I’m posting the next page of Brohenge!

Special thanks to Allie, Melanie, and Rachel for their input on how ladies would dress like dudes. It was, in fact, Melanie who uttered the line “like slutty business men”. GOLD! Buy all of their comics.
I’m done with the NEXT three steps of this plan, but you’ll have to come back tomorrow.
I’m done with doing tiny minis for now. I’m thinking of doing a longer story project. I need something to take my mind off how tiny of village I live in. I’m have a few stories on the back burner.

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Bro Henge NINE!

I guess I should post the artwork on my artwork blog. When it’s all just text, it seems weak.

I’m trying to wrap up the first chapter of the saga of Bro-Henge by this week-end. I think this part will be 7 more pages. I need to get it ready for ICAF, which I will be “tabling” at. I’m also going to print a bunch of this summer’s diary comics (in b&w) and possibly reprint Lincoln Franklin: Ghost Hunters MMLXX.

I’ve got to work almost every day this week. I might have to miss Craig Thompson as the visiting artist on Thursday. I’m trying to switch with someone. I have my fingers crossed.

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