paying for it

I restarted Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain because I forgot what was going on slash I forgot most of the controls. I forgot that the intro is two hours long. Getting pumped to play it again, I drew some Quiet and D-Dog fan art:


It’s nice to have photoshop again. It will for sure make me blog more often. Paying for it monthly, kind of sucks. It’s a good thing my CCS student ID doesn’t have an expiration date. That also helps me get into movies cheap all the time.

I never learned how to work InDesign, so I need photoshop to lay out this zine i’m working on. I did the cover today. Kera’s going to watercolor it, so photoshop didn’t help there.

Go back and drink a sip of alcohol every time I start a sentence with “I” and you’ll be wasted. SO full of myself!

Audio: Tycho.Awake / Gorillaz.Humanz / Last Podcast on The Left.Jonestown Part V – The Last Year

Visual: Fear the Walking Dead. Season 3 / Seinfeld.Season 6 / A Futile and Stupid Gesture


two thousand LATE-teen

Wow, I haven’t blogged in a WHILE! I hate to blame not having photoshop, but I basically can’t scan and clean up comics without it.

I’m working on a monthly comic subscription service. For an undetermined amount of American dollars a month, you’ll receive at LEAST an 8 page comic a week.

I’m still figuring out the kinks of it all. More to come soon. Until then, here’s an older comic about playing Breath Of The Wild (now in color):


Hope you are having great 2018 so far.

Audio: Broken Social Scene.Hug of Thunder / Tycho.Awake / Daughter.Music From Before The Storm

Visual: Guardians of The Galaxy: Vol. 2 / 11.22.63 / Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell.Season 3