too much Zelda

A while ago, I drew these comics about the new Legend of Zelda game, Breath of the Wild. Just, my thoughts about stuff in this amazing game.

Then I forgot to post them. (Muzu might be my favorite character)



THEN! a bunch of stuff happened in my life, work wise! I quite a huge restaurant job, because it was closing. I started at a sister restaurant (much smaller) that paid WAY better. Then, they closed, too! So, for the next month, I’m just going to live off the land. Take a stab at this whole “comics” thing i know and love.

So if you want a commission or know someone who’d be into my art-stuff, let me know. I can pretty much draw anything, at this point.

Audio: Gorillaz.Humanz / Jamiroquai.Automaton

Visual: American Gods.Season 1 / Silicon Valley.Season 4