Back From the Ashes

The next issue of Baby Knife was completed in a month! Sadly, my computer completely conked out. The screen would just cut off after 30 minutes. So I couldn’t even scan all the pages or mess with them in photoshop. I gave all the pages to the publisher, Woolly Press. I went up there to help with printing a few weeks ago (Woolly press is my very pregnant sister and her husband). It was all set to print and then my sister had her baby!


Welcome to the world, Caulder Francis Sutherland! Three weeks early but very healthy.

So Baby Knife: Book Infinity has been postponed for a little bit. Here’s two pages I did for my buddy’s anthology, Milk and Honey.



In other news, I got a NEW computer. An absolutely gorgeous 27-inch iMac with 5K display. It almost hurts my eyes sometimes. I don’t have photoshop anymore. I downloaded a program called gimp. It pretty much sucks. I just spent an hour trying to figure out how to color on it. I give up. I’ll just wait until someone can get me a copy of photoshop CS2 or something. I drew this, with full intent of coloring it. Oh well.


I’ve been playing Breath of The Wild a bunch. Aside from being super pretty, I’d say its just as immersive as GTAV. I just like how my experience in the game is completely different than Kera’s. Like I watched a falling star skate the sky and I ran over to were it landed and now I have a fallen star in my inventory. Much like the fishing in FFXV, the cooking is super fun.


*edit* i just spent the last few hours getting together enough rupees to buy a house in the game. To do so, I had to kill a buncha monsters. I climbed to the top of a mountain and there was a dude moping around talking about how it was “lover’s peak” or something. The pond at the top was a heart with a crack in it. Then i glided (glid?) down to take out more monsters at night. Went back to cook foods to sell. Brought the money to the house owner. He demanded 30 “wood”. I had to go chop down more trees. I ran out of edged weapons to do so. I fast traveled back to the beginning to get the original woodcutter dude’s axe. Chopped the trees. Sold the foods. Got the house. Now i have an empty zeroes and ones place to hang my favorite sword. This game’s SO pretty!

Audio: Gorillaz.Humanz / Boogie Monster Podcast

Visual: Crashing.Season 1 / Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them / The Walking Dead.Season 7


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