I got this rad new schedule at work and it has made me WAY more productive! I was flipping through Brandon Graham’s book, Walrus. It’s basically a really nice book of his sketches. So, I started sketching more. Here’s some I did today:


I very quickly colored it, due to my computer shutting off all the time. I drew this other thing this week, but I’m not going to color it. It will take a while probably. I don’t wanna wait 30 minutes every 30 minutes to let the screen cool down.


So if anyone wants to get me to do a commission or something so I can buy a new computer…hint hint.

Audio: Christmas Music

Visual: The Jungle Book (2016) / New Girl.Season 6


it’s okay to let it suck for a little bit

I wrote a note to myself saying “It’s okay to let it suck for a little bit”. My life has been kind of sucking recently. I work a job I’m pretty good at, but I don’t love. It’s been really sapping my time. I just got a new schedule that will greatly increase my time to draw.

Other things in my life:

I got engaged! I bought my lady friend a Wii U and wrote her a note saying ” WiiL U Marry Me?” obviously she said yes.

She got me Final Fantasy XV for my birthday…so I’ve basically been playing that a LOT!

I realized the second issue of Juniper Black is basically done. I’m thinking this will be the cover of it:


Minus the logo.

Also, I drew some Xmen that like, recently, with an old joke I made on my tumblr.


A buddy of mine put out his first anthology, called Milk and Honey. Black River completion-ists will have to get it for a side quest comic. Also, you’ll have to have watched The Labyrinth to get the joke.

It’s been a LONG while since I’ve posted. I know. Also, my computer is starting to die. The Screen cuts off if I use it too much. It already did it once while I wrote this.

I have a podcast in the works with my buddy (and fellow scout) Andrew. My computer problem is part of the reason we haven’t done one in a while…but maybe in the new year you will get to hear our crazy rants.

In the meantime, I highly recommend listening to The Boogie Monster podcast. Trust me, it’s funny…


Audio: American Football.(LPII) / Passenger.Young As The Morning Old As The Sea

Visual: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World / Parks and Recreation.Season 4 / The Walking Dead.Season 6