I found some stuff

I was going through a stack of old drawings and found some stuff I did while living in the woods of Vermont. The ghostscouts can be lonely, i guess. A lot of the stuff I drew was naked ladies. When I say a lot, I mean, for fun. I drew over 60 pages of comics in 3 months. Almost four a day at my peak. If you read Black Rivr book two, those are they.

Last time I posted giant nekkid ladies, gossip edition. I found this one, also:


And then there’s this:


I thought up this comic a long time ago, but I drew it with Foam Breeze and Squatch Matrix because I was hanging out with them, constantly. I’m not sure if a ton of people will get this joke. You have to have seen Akira, or read the extensive and amazing Manga. Anyway:


Audio: J. Cole.Born Sinner / Passion Pit.Kindred

Visual: The Walking Dead.Season 5***** / Girls.Season 6**** / Assassins Creed.Syndicate***


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