To all of you, American girls, its sad to imagine, a world without you.

I’ve kind of decided to stop just drawing diary comics all the time and focus on Black Rivr. I rocked out the first page of it in more than a year, Wednesday night. It felt pretty great. Here’s a crappy photo i took with my Ipod:


For comics being posted on this comics blog, I’ll leave you with this one I did for my friend Emily’s beer review blog. Emily’s the 5th best roommate I’ve ever had! She helped me get through a super rough time in my life…and took me on beer tours through Vermont! I cant wait to see her again. Enough gushing, more comics:


I guess I was channelling my inner Kirby. More accurately I penciled it and inked it drunk. I thought it only appropriate.

Also, I drew this a few weeks ago. I put it on my tumblr, but it’s shareable on the blog. I talked with my buddy Stephanie about this at SPX this last year. Mash-ups slash puns i’m surprised no one  has done yet:



Audio: Swords and Sworcery.OST / Life Is Strange.Soundtrack

Visual: Game Of Thrones.Telltale Game.Season One**** / Skyrim** / Shameless.Season 1***



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