2016 will be better

So, in 2011 i posted 89 times in a year. Last year i did 9. BOO! i was thinking about it…and in 2011, i had just graduated from CCS. I was going through a devastating break-up. PLUS i was trying to establish myself as a comic artist.

one of those things is still a goal this year. this last month has been a big life changer. my only new years resolution is to finish Black Rivr book three by fall. that’s only two seasons! the diary comics i’ve been working on super make me draw all the time, but i need to dive into my book again.

Check this:


and i watched Crimson Peak the other night and had these thoughts:


more to come.

Audio: The Album Leaf.In A Safe Place / Dr. Dre.The Chronic

Visual: The Revenant***** / Crimson Peak *** / Ash Vs. Evil Dead.Season One ****



  1. what’s this new emblem by your signature?

    • no, i just draw a logo or something from whatever i’m into at the time.

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