It Follows

I watched It Follows last night. It was alright. I started drawing fan art of Samara from The Ring. By the end of the movie, I just drew this comic. Ghosts not giving a fuck is something I notice all the time.


I need to do some fan art for the movie DOPE, instead.

Audio: J. Cole.2014 Forest Hills Drive / Leon Bridges.Coming Home

Visual: Straight Outta Compton / Dope / It Follows / Life Is Strange


short and sweet

Man, i haven’t posted anything since SPX. That’s kinda sad. I’ve mostly been taking a break from major comic projects. I’m going to focus on Baby Knife, for right now. I just started the second chapter.

This post is going to be fairly short, as I don’t have any real news. The best thing, i guess this month has been that my sister got married! I got to be the maid of honor! It was an amazing couple of days.

I did some fan art for my friend Ben Horak‘s comic, Grump Toast. His idea for a beer with a live rat inside each can is just as awesome as it is disturbing.


Other than that, these are my comic rants:



Audio: Lil’ Dicky.So Hard / Logic.Under Pressure / The Album Leaf.In A Safe Place

Visual: The Walking Dead.Season 6 / Heroes.Reborn