i haven’t blogged in a while because i’ve ACTUALLY been busy for once. I luckily got a table at SPX in Bethesda, MD! I tabled it forward to my friends Mia, and Stephanie. Mia’s prolly my favorite table mates EVAR! Stephanie was on the wait list, too. I figured if I got a table, i’d ask her.

So i’ve been steadily drawing a comic about my character, Face, from a print I did. Here’s the first page from that.


My father wrote the story. It’s pretty funny and very insightful. This is just the first part of three, so far. Hopefully, he’ll write more. It’s been super fun to draw and collaborate with him. He’s got a blog, somewhere. Other than that, I’m looking forward to hanging out with one of my scout cousins at SPX, Andrew!

Audio: Two Door Cinema Club.Tourist History / Amy Schumer.Cutting

Visual: Jurassic World / Another Period.Season One


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  1. Hey, just read first edition of baby knife. Stellar work I hope I see the other two around.

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