my feminism kicks in

Last week, I had a funny conversation with some dude friends, about a lady friend. I thought I’d translate to comics pretty well. So, I drew this yesterday and colored it today:



Then, today, as I was coloring this it started making me feel kinda creepy. I obviously run comics by all those involved before posting them on (>gasp<) the internet. Everyone thought it was great. I was kind of on pins and needles wondering if Claire would think it was AS funny. She thinks it’s great.

The second, “chibi” page, is the punchline to this comic. It needed the awfulness of the conversation of the first page to work. Yesterday when I was drawing this i got kind of lazy with drawing that room, so that’s why the second is so cute. Also, it sugar coats the comic a little.

I feel like this is an essay I’d write at art school. I just like drawing comics about dudes talking about super gross stuff. Mostly, because we do. I don’t want it to come off as objectifying women. In the back of my brain my feminism starts to kick in. Living in Vermont is the opposite of living in Charleston, SC.

This comic is, to me, dudes thinking a woman they know is perfect. There’s got to be SOMETHING wrong with her. So, immediately, I just to vaginas. If you know me personally, this comic makes all of the sense. I guess, I get away with so much in comics because I’m making light of a situation. If you just stumble upon this randomly, it probably comes across WAY worse.

I often ask feminist friends how I can get away with fully respecting a woman, but also flirt? I mostly get the response “You seem to be doing it the right way”.

On a LESS heavy note, I’ve been devouring Steven Universe! I’d almost go as far as to say I like it more than Adventure Time. It’s different. After the 30 or so episode, I find myself tearing up by the end of almost every episode. The backgrounds are what really got me. Obviously, I had to do some fan art of the temple. Why just stop at drawing something someone else drew. Might as well, kinda, turn it into a comic:


Also, I still have those adorable kitten riso prints available, should you want one (and copies of the first two chapters of my book).

Audio: The Conveniences.My So-Cold Life / Pandora Radio (bloc party station)

Visual: Steven Universe.Season 2 / Under The Dome.Season 3


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