Sandbox Games

So, my mind was blown away by this new game, No Man’s Sky! Not so much by the gameplay, but more by the universe. I watched the 18 minute gameplay video (google it) and it kind of freaked me out. I feel like, GTA V was a solid amount of space to explore. I kind of haven’e played Skyrim yet…because i want to have a “real” life. Same for Dr. Who. I will LOSE myself in these games. I get, kinda, TOO nerdy about stuff. I realized this with the show Lost.

Anyway. blogging past midnight, for me, is just ranting.

i DID have an awesome conversation with my O.G. bro today about Any Man’s Sky…

I want to blog once a week, but this trumps that, ’cause it’s a current event:


Audio: Childish Gambino.Because The Internet

Visual: Orange is the new Black.Season 2


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  1. […] stuck on a mission. I’m ultra excited about a game called No Man’s Sky! I did a comic a while ago about the math of the game. And now, […]

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