a need to blog more

gosh, i need to blog more. i’m making a stand! i’m going to ultra try to blog once a week again. it’s not like i’m super busy. “i don’t procrastinate, i just like to do things later” – Ted Danson (Bored To Death).

I’m enjoying a Charleston summer. It’s been years since i spent a summer here. Some crazy shit went down a few weeks ago, here, and I’m not going to go into it. However, everyone is being super nice to each other these day. Not like they weren’t before. It just seems like it’s Christmas in Charleston. I’ve had a solid, great, couple of weeks.

Also, I’ve been drawing a bunch. I get home from work and think “well, i could play tons of videogames and hate myself in the morning, OR….draw stuff”. So, i’ve been drawing stuff:


And then I drew this, pretty recently:


If you havent played, or checked out The Stanley Parable, you are missing out!

Audio: The Decemberists.What A Terrible World, What a Beautiful World / Jim Guthrie.Swords and Sworcery (remix)

Visual: Mad Max.Fury Road / Assassins Creed IV.Black Flag


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