Long time (#logtime)

Wow, I cant believe I haven’t blogged since November. Yes I can. A lot’s been going on in my life. My “adult” life. I moved out of the woods and into the city I grew up in. Let me catch you up on my summer, first and then get to current stuff.


I own a debt of gratitude to THE best woods mates a guy could ask for. Squatch Matrix, aka Friar Squatch, aka Dick Face. The only Christian man i know that’s doing Christianity right. His endless raps and infinite kindness kind of got me through the end of my summer. Matt, as the common folk call him, wasn’t part of the program I was. He hung out at camp to drum up some extra sugar tapping dollars to be able to be a camp councilor for the class of 2014!

Power Hog, aka Bitch Hog, aka Scout of Flowers, aka Crimson Dagger, aka Slave House

I spent three months living in close proximity to Caleb Harrington. He’s 13 years younger than me. It was an experience. I’ve never had a younger brother, but if I did, I’d love it to be Caleb. His illustrations give me hope for the future of humanity. Also Caleb dresses like my mom’s drapes.


And then we get to Foam Breeze, aka Daswasup. >sigh< Andrew Greenstone got me into the Ghostscouts! He’s my best friend north of the Mason Dixon line! I need to publish the amount of comics I’ve drawn about him. For fans of my book, Black River, he’s basically the character Madison. I feel like Andrew’s the best cartoonist I personally know! Like, when my professor Steve Bissette was all like “yeah, me and Neil (Giaman) were at this place once…”. Andrew constantly pushes my artwork to be better.


Then there’s Dan. My life would not be as awesome, today, if it weren’t for the constant support of Daniel Bandit. It’s a real treat knowing him day to day.

I went to comic book school and found my people. I went to Ghostshrimp and found my cult! I totally drank the kool-aide and this past summer was the best one I’ve had since I was 12. I spent half my time doing this:




and the rest doing this:



So. that’s a glimpse into my summer. I highly encourage every to apply for the Ghostshrimp Class of 2016! Or the one this year.

Ghostshrimp has positively changed my life! It definitely upped my forrest drawings game x5! I spent the summer learning how to draw trees and rocks:


so, that’s a peek, I guess. I need to blog more. I’m doing stuff, I promise! I’ve finished book two of Black River.


Black River.

Fantagraphics put out book called Black River, also. So, I guess they own that title now. I’m going to have to go with “Jesse H. Mead’s Black River”. I kind of freaked out for a day about it. Good thing i have awesome bros in my corner.

So, more…soon.

Audio: Shakey Grave.And the War Came / The Decemberists. What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World

Visual: Walking Dead.(whatever season it is) . Top Gun.the Dirties.

post script. i saw this movie called The Dirties. You should check it out. i don’t understand how bullying exists after Columbine. I watched that story unfold in my senior year high school homeroom. I understand that bullies are prolly getting bullied at home. However, we live in the future now! We have a black president AND hover boards!

end post script.


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