out of the woods


I did it! I survived Ghost Camp! I got a sweet nickname, 3 t-shirts, a hoodie, and a million amazing memories. The above drawing is probably going to be the intro page to the zine I’m getting together about camp. It’ll include about 20 or so drawings I did as well as photos taken by my wonderful fellow Scouts. Photos like this one:


So, now’s the part where I ask you for money. You should trade me hard earned dollars for this book I’m going to put together next week. You don’t have to. I’m just saying you should trust me and buy one. When the dude next to you on the bus has one, you’re going to be mad. You’ll want your own copy to put under your pillow every night. I’m not promising it’ll sing you lullabies, but I am promising it’ll help you have dreams that are significantly  more rad.

You pre-order your copy here.

it’ll also have full frontal naked ladies (nsfw).


Oh, so, some stuff happened in the news while i was away. Some travesty in Syria. So travesty involving Ben Affleck. I’m mostly freaked out that triceotops’ aren’t dinosaurs anymore, or something. So, them, brontosaurus’ and pluto aren’t real? My childhood is fake.

I drew this to calm my nerves:


Do a good deed today. Trade me money for art. Then you can be evil the rest of the day. You can talk to snakes!

Audio: To My Boy.The Habitable Zone / Toh Kay.The Hand That Thieves

Visual: Miami Connection / Lost.Season 1 /


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  1. Let me know if you need any printing done…Can we print your “we don’t exist anymore”? I want that in my future children’s room, maybe as a mobile…

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