poop prints

So, I re-drew an old comic about poop. It seems to be quite popular, to draw poop. I kind of documented the drawing process. It’s pretty simple, as far as drawing processes go. First I taped two sheets of 11×14 Strathmore Vellum Bristol sheets together:


Next I ruled out some key points on the boarders (1.25 inches) since I rarely work this large. Using a Rapidograph “Mephisto” blue water color pencil to ketch everything out:


When I’m done sketching a page, I immediately want to ink it. However, I took my time inking in the lettering and panel boarders first. Then I forgot to take a photo of that, and impulsively inked the intestines:


Finally I used a Pentel pocket brush to ink in the whole thing. It took about an hour.


So, my friends over at Wooly Press are going to print these in 4 colors on a riso-graph printer. The first 10 people that sign up for the 40 dollar Ghostshrimp thing I’ve got going, will get one for FREE! This is the caliber of “goodies” i like throwing into packages.

Aside from this, I found these marker drawings I did for Heroes Con:


The Kraken from Umbrella Academy.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Raphael.

I drew this for my sister. She loves the beach:


In closing, the pressure of the woods is looming. I got 9 days left at my place of employment. My car is almost up and running. It’s a busy time right now. I’ll try to post whatever I work on, before the woods.

Before you go, check out this awesome tweet by the infamous Paul Pope:


Audio: Daft Punk.Random Access Memories

Visual: Copper.Season 1 / Super Pro K.O.


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