poop prints

So, I re-drew an old comic about poop. It seems to be quite popular, to draw poop. I kind of documented the drawing process. It’s pretty simple, as far as drawing processes go. First I taped two sheets of 11×14 Strathmore Vellum Bristol sheets together:


Next I ruled out some key points on the boarders (1.25 inches) since I rarely work this large. Using a Rapidograph “Mephisto” blue water color pencil to ketch everything out:


When I’m done sketching a page, I immediately want to ink it. However, I took my time inking in the lettering and panel boarders first. Then I forgot to take a photo of that, and impulsively inked the intestines:


Finally I used a Pentel pocket brush to ink in the whole thing. It took about an hour.


So, my friends over at Wooly Press are going to print these in 4 colors on a riso-graph printer. The first 10 people that sign up for the 40 dollar Ghostshrimp thing I’ve got going, will get one for FREE! This is the caliber of “goodies” i like throwing into packages.

Aside from this, I found these marker drawings I did for Heroes Con:


The Kraken from Umbrella Academy.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Raphael.

I drew this for my sister. She loves the beach:


In closing, the pressure of the woods is looming. I got 9 days left at my place of employment. My car is almost up and running. It’s a busy time right now. I’ll try to post whatever I work on, before the woods.

Before you go, check out this awesome tweet by the infamous Paul Pope:


Audio: Daft Punk.Random Access Memories

Visual: Copper.Season 1 / Super Pro K.O.



Okay, guys (and ladies), I totally got this amazing internship! You watch Adventure Time, right? Cool. So, the guy that did the backgrounds for it has this intense training program in my second favorite state, Vermont. He did all those A.T. backgrounds and spent his fat check on 40-some acres of forest he has dubbed the Ghostshrimp National Forrest. I’m get to go live in that forrest with 6 other guys and  dolls for 30 days!

I’ll be drawing stuff erry day for at LEAST 4 hours. Also, I’ll be cutting down trees, building stuff, laughing, breathing crisp mountain air, eating out of cans, carpe-ing diems, sleeping in a tent, and managing mischief.

So, if YOU want to halp me live more comfortably in exchange for goods and services (comics and shipping), I’ve created this page on my blog. No pressure. I’m just saying…I’m definitely going to make a comic about my time there, while I’m there. If you want in on that action.

Aside from that, I’ve been mostly working a TON. Mostly trying to get my car back into working order. Also, to pay for this trip.

I’ve also been drawing a bit.

here’s some turtles:


In the last month, I’ve fallen in lust with Prismacolor Markers. I still LOVE photoshop, but I’ve got this thing on the side with Prismacolors. I’m totally open and honest with Photoshop. She’s cool with it…apparently she’s charging monthly, for most people, these days.

That’s my tiny rant about photoshop.

Here’s some other stuff i colored with markers:


always, i love Brandon Graham.



Audio: Toh Kay.The Hand That Thieves / Alabama Shakes.Boys and Girls

Visual: The Battery / Lost Boys / The Iron Giant / Big Fish / Spring Breakers