So Much Stuff

Wow, I haven’t posted in a while. Longer than I remember, even. I’ve been busy between work and comics and playin the crap out of Bioshock Infinite.
Let me start by saying Bioshock Infinite had a LOT to live up to, as far as I was concerned. The whole game was pretty amazing. Just as I started to feel it was “ho-hum”, it flipped the story on me. I highly recommend it to pretty much everyone who likes story driven games. Zero Punctuation did a pretty good review of it.
Aside from that, I’ve been churning out pages of comics. All the pages of Black River part two are slowly coming along:


I’m also, working on a story that i’m trying to do as fast as i can. I spend, maybe 30 minutes a page. Quick sketched pencils and fast inks. The working title is “Art Show 2008”. It’s mostly about time travel:


Finally, most recently, I’ve been doing some new Lincoln Franklin Ghost Hunters 2070 stuff. It’s a story I’ve been wanting to do for about 2 years. It takes place immediately after the 3rd chapter of the first book. I drew these pages in the last week. I think I’m going to try to do another chapter and collect the two into the next book by Heroes Con. This story is also, strangely, about time travel:


It’s been a while since I drew all these Linky Franky characters. This chapter doesn’t really have Goodnight Moon or Goodnight Stars. I was getting antsy, so I drew this the other day…just for fun:


I’m also thinking of putting out the first book with a kind of “directors commentary” format. To point out all the little things I hid in those books, I’m sure no one will ever notice.
Also, I’ve been working with a Pentel Brush pen more often. I rocked out this fan art of Ashley Wood‘s Robots Vs. Amazons drawing a while ago and tried out new coloring techniques:


Also, I did this fan art for my friend Ian’s tumblr. Naked ladies with animal skulls for heads?! Seems right up my alley:


Finally, I did some fan art for my long time idol Trent Kaniuga’s new webcomic Twilight Monk. I’m sure if you look hard enough, you’ll notice Trent’s influence in my stuff:

So, I am, in fact busy. I’ll most likely post the original Lincoln Franklin story soon. It’ll have it’s own tab like Brohenge.

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Visual: Cloud Atlas / The Life Of Pi / Harry Potter 1-4