no, it’s not

I’m still kind of chipping away at a few projects. Of course, I’ve started another one. MOstly to get into the habit of just getting the story across. Not getting bogged down with panel layouts and the “best” artwork i can muster.

I read Scott C.’s Amazing Everything, recently. I strongly recommend it. It’s less reading and more looking at awesome stuff. Scott is one of the nicest comic artists I’ve ever met. I mean, most people are nice. Scott has taking it to another plane of existence. I always joke you could stab his no-existent child and he’d still be bros with you. This comic was highly influenced by it.

It’s a story one of my sister’s friends told me. My sister is prolly going to be mad I haven’t done a comic about her, ever.



Audio: Matt Pond PA.The Dark Leaves / Kendrick Lamar.Good Kid M.A.D.D. City

Visual: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower / Borderlands