new project soon

I haven’t posted in a long time. It’s actually because I have been doing a TON of comics as of late. 11 pages of a new project in the last week. I think the first part is going to be 20 pages. That means I’ll be able to show it to you soon.

In the mean time, I wanted to share a “poem” I wrote. It was just an email to my father, but people seem to like it. I suggest you listen to “Stop The Dams” by The Gorillaz while you read it. You don’t have to, though.

i swam in the mighty and majestic White River yesterday. i sat on a rock and watched the sun reflect it’s dance on an ancient train bridge. a bald eagle graced us with its presence. the fish let us writhe in their homes. i shared secrets with deep friends in the back of a pick up truck. i thought of home and how much i miss it and how far away i am from it.

and how i am fine. and how i realize my brain isn’t working the right way. i label that as crazy and lock it away for now.


i live in a room that is colder than it is outside and this makes me happy. i live in a room that people want to be in. people other than my own self. they bring libations and conversations and innovations that make me smile. smiling tricks you brain into being happy. i live in a room that bands play underneath.

i watch a boot stomping woman open my eyes to dancing. dancing like the girl behind me isn’t watching me. dancing like the room is on fire and i have to shimmy out of it. she is. she is. she is. she is bliss. she is smoke. she is a clenched fist opening. she is seeing a friend after 2 years of distance. i want her to put her hands on my face. just have them there.

i sat on a river yesterday and let the rocks on the bottom skid across my bottom. i saw the woman i used to love and it didn’t hurt anymore. i danced with a young girl’s buttocks. i woke up and had NO plans.
-jesse h mead, july 13 2012

Audio: Passion Pit.Gossamer / Childish Gambino.Royalty

Visual: Workaholics.Season 1-3 / Terminator 1-4


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