getting it to-get-her

I’ve been pretty busy getting stuff together for Heroes Con in a week and a half. I’m printing copies of Brohenge and a collection of diary comics in color!

The diary comics I’m printing are all fairly new. I looked back over the last year of posts and think the stuff I was doing a year ago are terrible. That’s good, right? It means I’m growing. The stuff I was doing when I was a senior at CCS looks pretty good. Those were mostly in black and white though. I think if someone’s going to shell out 7-10 bucks for a 12 -20 page color comic it’s got to have something they can’t live without. That’s how I buy comics, at least, usually.

I can’t blog without posting some sort of comics.

I’m also going to be in Charleston, SC after Heroes Con for a few days. I definitely won’t be posting until I get back. I’ll be sure to take photos from the Con and the overall chillin. I’m heading down there with Mia and Alex. We’re meeting up with Audrey, Monty and his lady and staying with Lena and Paul at Paul’s parents house. It’ll be a sweet CCS Class 0f 2011 mini reunion. I’m super excited!

Audio: The Get Up Kids.4 Minute Mile / The Decemberists.Her Majesty

Visual: Adventure Time.Season 3 / Dead Poets Society / TinTin