Punk Time

This conversation didn’t go down with the people involved, my apologies. I’m sure Alex knows that shows don’t start on time. However, someone had to play the dummy. Plus, I’m kind of working on a comic about how Andrew’s a genius.

In the first panel, I was going to have Andrew drinking. Then, I forgot to draw it in. That’s why he’s just got his mouth open for no reason.

Last night I thought it’d be a good idea to draw a “chibi” Brohenge.

I lead a boring life. The only real other news I have is I might move to Connecticut. My friend Emily might get a job there. She asked me to move in with her. It's still up in the air. Either way, I drew our logo:

Maybe I’ll have adventures in the next week to tell you about next post.

Audio: The Protomen Present: A Night Of Queen / Kanye West.808s and Heartbreak

Visual: Sherlock Holmes / Tropic Thunder



I need to get back on this blogging once a week thing. Now that the CCS class of 2012 is all graduated, I can focus back on drawing more. Thusly, I did this comic of a conversation that went down the other night:

It’s hard to draw Andrew without a giant smile on his face. It’s also hard to draw Alex without that big, bushy mustache on his face, like I did all through Brohenge.

Also, if you haven’t seen Chronicle, you should. I’ve watched it three times in the last month and still think it’s pretty awesome. So awesome in fact, I drew a spot of fan art:

Audio: Broken Social Scene.Forgiveness Rock Record / Pretty Lights.Taking Up Your Precious Time

Visual: Adventure Time.Season One / Primer / Heroes.Season 4