art blogging like an adult

I’m still alive and drawing comics, I promise. Probably the only part of the comic’s making process I dislike is scanning. It was amazing to have my own scanner, right next to me, on my desk. However, when I moved, I threw the power cord in a random box. I have yet to locate it.

I went to the CCS lab and actually scanned some things yesterday. My buddy Ryan has been spinning records at our friend Parker’s bar, The Sparrow. He asked me to design a poster for his next gig. I was told to just “swing away”. This is what I ended up doing:

Also, the new Sharknife: Double Z book by Corey Lewis came out! It’s been 7 years in the making. I think it was totally worth the wait! He’s definitely leveled up, drawing and storytelling wise. I highly recommend buying a copy from amazon! I even did fan arts:

It’s a few weeks old worth of news, but equally as awesome as Double Z coming out! My art friend Brandon Graham‘s book King City came out earlier this month. It’s 424 pages of gold pressed latinum! I can’t recommend you buy this book more. Every page is better than the last. I’ve re-read it about three times in the last two weeks. I should probably do some fan arts for it, too. In the mean time, get your own copy.

OR, you can read Prophet, by Image comics. Brandon is writing it and this dude, Simon Roy is drawing it. I’ve actually being going to the local comic book store and buying the individual copies. It’s basically Conan in space.

Side note, Conan by Becky Cloonan is pretty baller right now, too.

You should already own her mini comic, Wolves. It’s SO beautiful!

See how easily I get sucked into praising comics. It’s almost like I’m actually blogging, like an adult.

Now, I’m gunna hop back to drawing porn comics. I’ve been pretty much been doing that for the last month. They are fun to draw and sex sells (that’s why i’m so broke). I’ll scan some and post it, elsewhere, soon.

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