fake post

So, in case you didn’t know, I’ve moved locations. Still in White River Junction, but now, living above the AMAZING Main Street Museum.

When I moved…I threw everything I owned into boxes. So, i don’t know where the power cord to my scanner is. I just haven’t located it, yet.

So, instead of an update…i’ll give all a faux-update.


i redrew these two, IMPORTANT, pages of Bro-henge, because they never felt as awesome as they should have been.

i’ll post something new and exciting sooooooon…i hope. if i can find the box the power plug to my scanner is in…

Audio: Childish Gambino.Poindexter / The Hunger Games.Catching Fire.Audio Book II

Visual: The Cosby Show.Season 3 / L.A.Noire / The Muppet Movie