actually busy


This last month has been actually busy! Paul Pope and Sam Hiti came to visit the school! I totally got to hang out with them for 5 days! I totally got Paul to draw me this:

Oh, man, we went to Molly’s in Hanover one afternoon. Sam and Paul were drawing all over the brown paper tablecloths. The waitress came over and asked Paul “Oh, those are good. Are you going to school for art?”
I wanted to lean over and be like “Bitch, you have NO idea”!

Then, last week, my mad bestie, Caitlin McGurk moved away. Sad face. I meese her, madly. She went to be the best librarian Ohio State University has ever seen! If you go to school there, say hello to her for me.

I’ve been kicking around an idea for a mini comic about clouds. Well, less a comic, and more just drawings of clouds. I have a weird love of clouds. They are good at brightening my day. Here’s one:

In comic news, I HAVE actually been drawing some. I did a doodle of Goodnight Moon the other day:

So, yeah, I’ll post ACTUAL comics soon. Just dropping in to let you know I’m working on things and I’ll post more soon.


Audio: Kid Cudi.Man On The Moon II:The Legend Of Mr Rager / Gorillaz.The Fall

Visual: The Fifth Element / Skins.Season 6 / The Rum Diaries / Gurren Lagann


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