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the return of Linky Franky

I started working on the “lost chapter” of Lincoln Franklin: Ghost Hunters 2070. It was originally between issue one and two. The gang drives Napoleon back to head quaters and run into some trouble. Goodnight Stars also makes a brief appearance. Monty originally drew it, but he doesn’t really have his hands in the project anymore. So, I’m going to go ahead and draw it out, for a more cohesive feel. He’s a peek at the first page:

I am going to finish Brohenge soon, I plomise.

Audio: Broken Social Scene.Forgiveness Rock Record

Visual: Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia.Season 7

black waltz #2

a drawing i did for Zac Gorman’s Final Fantasy IX zine.

ninja, ninja RAP!

I started a Tumblr. Isn’t that what all the cool kids are doing?

I also drew this, because I haven’t posted anything in a while.

I went old school with their masks. I’m pretty sure we ALL know who would be playing what….

Audio: Dan Deacon.Spiderman Of the Rings / Alkaline Trio.Goddamnit

Visual: Conan The Barbarian(2011) / Rubber


Halloween night I got to hang out with four sexy ladies. Here’s a photo of Jess and Renee, being awesome:

Then, I drew a comic of my new friend Truly:
Fun was had.

Audio: Feist.Metals

Visual: Star Wars.Attack Of The Clones