the wait is over

FINALLY, I’m posting the next page of Brohenge!

Special thanks to Allie, Melanie, and Rachel for their input on how ladies would dress like dudes. It was, in fact, Melanie who uttered the line “like slutty business men”. GOLD! Buy all of their comics.
I’m done with the NEXT three steps of this plan, but you’ll have to come back tomorrow.
I’m done with doing tiny minis for now. I’m thinking of doing a longer story project. I need something to take my mind off how tiny of village I live in. I’m have a few stories on the back burner.

Audio: Thrice.The Artist In The Ambluance / Dan Deacon.Spiderman of the Rings

Visual: Anti Christ / Super / Arrested Development.Season 1


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  1. Not NEARLY slutty enough.

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