hinky solomon

I drew fan art of the founder of CCS, Inky Solomon.

Audio: Thrice.The Artist in The Ambulance

Visual: Horrible Bosses


shameless promotion:


marauders for hire

Last night I went to a Dan Deacon show. If you EVER get a chance, go see him. We danced our little asses off! We were invited by the amazing Jodie Mack, after a little film fest she put together called Eyewash.
By we, I mean Caitlin, J.T., and Andrew Greenstone. SPEAKING of Andrew, I did this comic about him.

The phone number on the flyer is my friend Ryan. I feel like it may have been a bad idea to throw him number into the internet. However, if I’ve ever met a marauder, it’d be Ryan. Please don’t call him, or actually, do. Tell him I miss him and he should visit me.

Again, I’m trying to get some comics printed for ICAF, so I’m not sure when I’ll post again. Maybe tomorrow, maybe Monday. We don’t know.

Audio: Dan Deacon. (live)

Visual: Star Wars. Episode V.The Empire Strikes Back


Yesterday, I went on the annual V.I.N.S. field trip. I got to draw cute little owls and bad ass hawks:

I’ve been focusing less on comics for the web for the last week. I’m trying to get print comics for ICAF. I made two last week and am almost done with two more. I’m going to try to get 6 done, so they can be a dollar each, or all 6 for $5.
I did do a comic about how my friend Andrew’s a genius. I’ll put that up tomorrow.

Audio: Foster The People.Torches / Saves The Day.I’m Sorry I’m Leaving

Visual: The Social Network / Star Wars.Episode IV.A New hope

tiny comic

I did draw a comic yesterday. It’s just tiny and lives in my moleskine.
I’ve got to work until 11 p.m. tonight. then get up at 8 tomorrow. So, IF I can get around to drawing, it’ll be a late post.

Audio: Justice.Cross

Visual: Face Off


After drawing and printing two mini comics in 24 hours, I took a break. It was nice to have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do on my day off. I got to sleep it (to 10:30)! I watched some frivolous television. Leisurely ate a lunch that I didn’t have to shove in my mouth in 30 minutes. Met some friends at the bar (I drank 3 waters) for 50 cent wings. Then came home and read and went to sleep. Such a good day.

While at the bar, my new friend Julie Delporte drew a picture of me. So, instead of posting my own artwork, I’m going to post hers:
I super like her “that’s you” at the bottom. If you can read french, her blog is awesome. I, however can only enjoy the pictures.

Audio: Passion Pit.Manners

Visual: Lost.Season 5

no more pussy-footing

I felt I had to step up my game a bit today. I challenged myself to draw a comic in 240 minutes. A variation of the 24 hour comic.
I thought a 24 minute comic would be TOO hard. I added a zero for good measure. I wrote, drew, inked, printed, and put together a 12 page (plus 4 “cover” pages) comic in 4 hours. It was pretty nerve racking. I only put together 50 of the 100 copies I printed. I did the whole thing in brush, except for lettering.
After doing this, I was a comic book making juggernaut! I immediately hopped on a smaller, yet tighter comic. I was going to draw this as a one pager. However, I did it as a 7 page mini. I’m going to print 50 copies tomorrow. I’m printing enough for all the kids at CCS, with a few left over to sell at ICAF.
ANYWAY, here’s the one I did second:

Audio: Foster The People.Torches

Visual: Lost.Season 5