the relative realism of humanoid ducks

After the chaos of Sunday night and the moving of books on Monday, I felt a little underwhelmed yesterday afternoon. Luckily, Allie, April, Audrey, Laurel, and Sophie came over to cheer me up. It was basically a drink and draw. We watched the first five episodes of Duck Tales and discusses the realism and racism of the show. It was purdy darn fun. I drew this, later in the evening:

However, earlier in the night, I drew a comic I’ve been meaning to draw for a while.

I’m pretty glad that Audrey brought her friend Ryan. I realized I’d only invited ladies. That’s just how I roll.
Today, I’m packing up my apartment to move 20 feet away into another apartment in this building with Mike Stanley. It might turn into another Bro Henge, Who knows. I’m excited for this new CCS year to start.

Speaking of Bro Henge, I drew another page of it! I’m just fulla comics today. Mostly, because I hadn’t posted anything for the past few days. I hope this makes up for it.

Audio: The Postal Service. Give Up

Visual: Duck Tales.Season One / Lost.Season 4


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