Goodnight Meme

So, Brandon Graham started this meme. He took a Moebius drawing and redrew it, in his style. It’s pretty rad. A ton of other artists got on board. Here’s mine, Goodnight Meme:

I pencilled the next page for Brohenge. I also think i know how I’m going to make the plot flow from one silly conversation to the next. However, yesterday I worked 9 hours and today I’m working 10. Tomorrow I picked up an 8 hour shift. So…I will post tomorrow, but It’ll be late, prolly.
Welcome to the real world of drawing comics. If there wasn’t a weepy going away party for the lovely Beth Hetland last night. OR a going away party for the boozy Emily Sauter tonight, I might get work done.

Audio: Bombay Bicycle Club.I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Off

Visual: Fringe.Season 3 (I only watch about two a day…ALMOST done)


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