BroHenge again

I haven’t drawn the fourth page yet. I’m still “scripting out” how I’m going to get to the next parts of the story. Until then, there’s this:

I think I’ll be able to pull off this as a color comic. It might end up being 12 pages. It should just be 8, but I always make things longer than they should be.
Last night I was trying to explain how awesome Fringe Season 3 is to Katie. I knocked over my half full beer, flailing my arms about. Some bar rag got at least 4 ounces that should have ended up inside me.

Audio: Kanye West/Jay-Z.Watch The Throne

Visual: Fringe Season 3



  1. when did bro-henge take place?

    • like two weeks ago. it’ll be in the book. with more context as to what’s going on…these pages are mostly the guts of the story.

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