the relative realism of humanoid ducks

After the chaos of Sunday night and the moving of books on Monday, I felt a little underwhelmed yesterday afternoon. Luckily, Allie, April, Audrey, Laurel, and Sophie came over to cheer me up. It was basically a drink and draw. We watched the first five episodes of Duck Tales and discusses the realism and racism of the show. It was purdy darn fun. I drew this, later in the evening:

However, earlier in the night, I drew a comic I’ve been meaning to draw for a while.

I’m pretty glad that Audrey brought her friend Ryan. I realized I’d only invited ladies. That’s just how I roll.
Today, I’m packing up my apartment to move 20 feet away into another apartment in this building with Mike Stanley. It might turn into another Bro Henge, Who knows. I’m excited for this new CCS year to start.

Speaking of Bro Henge, I drew another page of it! I’m just fulla comics today. Mostly, because I hadn’t posted anything for the past few days. I hope this makes up for it.

Audio: The Postal Service. Give Up

Visual: Duck Tales.Season One / Lost.Season 4


shit hit fans

White River Junction got effed last night! A bunch of us we hanging out at the Red House. I’d heard that the river was rising so I went down to watch for a bit. When I got to the river, Caitlin, James and Michelle were evacuation the books from the library. The river was JUST below the library. We could hear the windows in the zen center below it popping. It was crazy.

Here’s a photo from today:

This huge container hit the bridge and knocked into the library. So, we had to take all the books from the library to the telegraph building.

So, yeah, shit hit fans. Good thing the entire CCS community rocks ultra hard! I was a bit freaked out last night. It’s great to have such wonderful people around.

I’m all smiles.

Tomorrow, more brohenge!

Audio: Sigur Ros.Takk

Visual: True Blood.Season 4

emo as all get out

Back to this emo bullshh:

I just slept 10 hours and I feel great!

Audio: Jay-Z and Kanye West.Watch The Throne

Visual: Griff The Invisible

tomorrow, comics

I actually drew some comics today. I’ll post it tomorrow. Here’s a teaser:

Yep, more emo comics.

I’m also going to post some more Brohenge soon. Art is hard.

Audio: The Decemberists.Castaways and Cutouts

Visual: Lost.Season 4 (third re-watch)

more brohenge.

So, more of the bro henge. I know, you’re pissed. I spent about an hour drawing my house, only to realize I wasn’t super into the page.

So, I re-drew it and colored it. You can now read ALL of Bro-Henge (in order) here. It flows better as one comic. Librarian, Caitlin McGurk told me so.


Audio: Random and Lost Perception.Black Materia

Visual: Fast Five

bro henge #5

Just after saying I was gunna post more diary comics, I go and work on Bro Henge more. I’m still going to make a button for it at the top of this page, but I realized I never drew page one. So, yesterday, I did that.
Establishing shots are the bane of my existence. I feel like they HAVE to be a ridiculously detailed shot of where the action is going to take place. So, I took a photo of my house and drew it. I might redo the page all together, to make it more, establishing.
Also, I haven’t colored that house page yet. So today, you get more plot:

Audio: Taking Back Sunday.Tell All Your Friends

Visual: True Blood.Season 4 / Pirates of the Caribbean.On Stranger Tides

pick up lines

I think I’m going to just go back to diary comics everyday. They are way easier to produce. I’m going to make a little tab at the top (next to “home” and “about”) for Bro Henge. I’ll update it prolly weekly. I’ll have to figure out a good day to do that. Are tuesdays good for you?

Audio: Broken Social Scene.Feel Good Lost

Visual: Submarine / Duck Tales.Season 1