lazy saturday

My new job lets me out of work at 11 p.m.

Alex welcomes me with a “welcome to the service industry” when I get home. We each drank a bottle of wine and watched youtube videos until who knows when. I woke up at 11. I haven’t woken up past 9 a.m. in 3 months. So, I count that as a victory. Plus, I get to do it all again tonight!

I didn’t do a diary comic for today. I’m thinking weekends will be fan art week-ends. Being that I beat L.A. Noire, I gussied Lincoln and Franklin and Goodnight in lat 40’s garb:

I think after this Sunday, I’m going to update my pallet. I dig it, but I need to tweek it a bit.

Audio: Matt Pond PA.Nature Of Maps

Visual: Fringe.Season 2


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