Saves The Day

I’ve been meaning to draw this comic for a while now. It took place around 1999. That’s why I’m not wearing glasses.

It’s in reference to this song, by Saves The Day. Also, you should check out Taylor‘s music. He can be good when he wants.

Yesterday I sat down with Antonowicz, Meff, Monty and Alex to play Heroes Quest. I’d forgotten how fun that game is. Expect some HQ fan art comics soon.

Also, I finished Fringe Season One. It’s totally worth 19 episodes of filler content for the second to last 5 minutes. I didn’t see that coming, even though they totally set it up! By filler content, I mean the occasional really good episode. I mostly only cared about the ones that were setting up the actual plot. I can’t wait to watch Season Two!

Audio: Vampire Weekend.Vampire Weekend

Visual: Fringe.Season 1



  1. I always thought it is was “chilly nights and warmer days”

  2. p.s. I like the hand drawn banners better (just a thought).

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