sad sack volume TWO!

So yesterday was productive. I went job hunting. Put in some applications. Met Emily, Joe, and Keny at the bar to watch soccer. Well, I listened to soccer and drew the next two days of diary’s. Much more up beat comics about Emily and I hanging out. Then I met my friend Renee at Harpoon for a bit. She’s a bit down these days and job hunting also.
Then I met one of the incoming students, Mike, and Alex at 50 cent wing night. Came home and watched and episode of Fringe. Went to bed at 10.
Going to sleep early is awesome! I always wake up after 6 hours of sleep and lay in bed. Laying in a dark, cool bed is WAY more fun than a Bright, Hot one.
Tonight I’m making a friend dinner for being SUCH a great friend these last two months. So I’m looking forward to that.
Saturday I’m picking up my mate, Sam Plester and his lovely cartoonist lady Molly Howard. I can’t WAIT for that.
And then Sunday I’m going to see Harry Potter 7.5! It’s nice to have things to look forward to!

Audio: Shy Mirrors.Reactors EP / The Ergs.Dork Rock Cork Rod

Visual: Fringe.Season 1


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