back on the wagon

Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here. It’s been a mixture of laziness, loss of direction, and being genuinely busy. Today was the first day I sat down to draw just for myself and it felt great. I drew this earlier and inked it at work and colored it just now:

Right now, my plans, comically, are three pronged. I’m doing a project with my friend Taylor Jenkins. A music slash comic venture. It’s going to take a while, but hopefully it’ll pan out. Next, I’m working on a mini with my sister, Mica about childhood memories. Third, I’m continuing my Lincoln Franklin Ghost Hunters: 2070 comic.

Speaking of which, I received my first EVER fan art! I feel like that’s when you know you’ve “made it”. When people send you fan letters and draw pictures of the characters you “made up”. So, big shout out to Justin Wood! Check his things out.

So yeah, this summer has been very eye opening. I’ve been drinking a LOT less and trying to be more athletic. I bought the little pedometer for my iPod. Apparently, I was supposed to buy a set of Nike running shoes to go along with it.

I did NOT do this. I just took an old set of skate shoes and cut a hole in the bottom. Totally works. Eff the man.

I found this old drawing I did of my friend Justin Taylor throwing up. It’s subtle, but I realized how much better I’ve gotten:
Good gosh, the amount of halos in that are obnoxious! It’s pretty good, though. I kinda wanna re-draw it. The story was, that Justin threw up and then his glasses fell into his throw up. I don’t even know where the original of this is.

Anyway, more to come, weekly. I promise.
Also, if you have extra money laying around, my AMAZING roommate Emily has a kickstarter going! She really does deserve to drive across the country for free! She works faster than I do. If you give her money, it’ll be worth it!

Also, when you google “amazing” this is what you get.

Audio: Breathe Owl Breathe.Magic Central / Bombay Bicycle Club.I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose

Visual: Freaks and Geeks.Season One / L.A. Noire / Your Highness


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