Final Fantasy Dudes

I like this, comics all week, fan art on the week-ends. I like it so much, I drew this:

Other than the amazing character designs in Final Fantasy VII, these dudes are my favorites.

Tomorrow, diary comics. I know you can’t wait.

Audio: Jonsi.Go Do

Visual: Jackasss 3 / Puzzle Fighter


lazy saturday

My new job lets me out of work at 11 p.m.

Alex welcomes me with a “welcome to the service industry” when I get home. We each drank a bottle of wine and watched youtube videos until who knows when. I woke up at 11. I haven’t woken up past 9 a.m. in 3 months. So, I count that as a victory. Plus, I get to do it all again tonight!

I didn’t do a diary comic for today. I’m thinking weekends will be fan art week-ends. Being that I beat L.A. Noire, I gussied Lincoln and Franklin and Goodnight in lat 40’s garb:

I think after this Sunday, I’m going to update my pallet. I dig it, but I need to tweek it a bit.

Audio: Matt Pond PA.Nature Of Maps

Visual: Fringe.Season 2

all alone

I drew this a while ago. Emily was actually out of town. I did it in a different sketchbook than my normal one. Thus, I forgot to scan it until yesterday.

I’ve been working the last two days. So, I haven’t been drawing as much. I did draw some nerdy fan art and a linky franky pin-up. So expect those over the week-end. Sunday I’ll get to diary comics again.
My friend Alex is staying in Emily‘s room while she’s in The Ukraine. We’ve dubbed the house Bro-Henge for the week. It’s nice to have someone in the house drawing all the time.

Audio: The Deathset.Worldwide

Visual: Your Highness

more swimming

When you swim everyday, your comics tend to be about that.

I started my new job yesterday. It seems like it’ll be great. It’ll be nice to make friends with people outside of the CCS.

Audio: Radiohead.King Of Limbs

Visual: Fringe.Season 2

happier comics

So yeah, if you’re not going swimming everyday, you really should reconsider. It’s a super good work out. When you swim for 3 hours, using your legs on solid ground is kinda hard. a smidge. Plus if you don’t put on sun screen, you get a sun burn.

Side note, if you think your life sucks (like I did last week), read this. Gabby’s life is WAY more effed up than yours. prolly.

Audio: Saves The Day.Stay What You Are

Visual: Fringe.Season 2 / The Last Kiss

feeling blue (or rather brown?)

I was in a bit of a state towards the end of last week. A state to not draw any comics. A funk if you will.

Now I’m back, though. I figured I’d re-kick off with an “emo” comic. My roommate Emily tells me I should only print the super sad ones. I guess they’re the ones people relate to most. hmmmm.

Other than the end of last week…I had a great week-end. I got my intern hours finished for Alec Longstreth! I went swimming everyday. Went to Harpoon Brewery‘s BBQ Festival. Got an awesome sun burn. Expect comics about swimming!

Audio: Battles.Gloss Drop

Visual: Fringe.Season 2


These last two days have been pretty terrible. I don’t even wanna type about it.

Audio: Battles.Gloss Drop

Visual: L.A. Noire