THOR’s day…>cough< i mean Tuesday

Today I had to hang my pages for the CCS senior gallery show. First I had to do a “ton” of math before using all these sweet tools to hang up my art:

Then I had to make sure all the page were level. It sounds pretty easy, but you want to make sure your work is just a ballin as the rest of your class’ stuff:
Next you have to clean your glass up spikity span. It’s wrapped in newsprint paper that we used to clean it to save on waste (being that the school’s in Vermont…the greenest state ever):
Finally, my friend Lawrence held the glass while I hammered tiny nails to hold it up. The display is pretty sick, I think:

Especially lined up with my fellow students Jacob Montgomery, Corey Middleton, Carl Mefferd and Josh Kramer‘s stuff:

So, then, a bunch of us from the school went to see Thor. Man, it was terrible. I’m not sure the lesson Thor learned it the movie. >spoilers< To be nice?

Don't go see it in 3-D. If you can hold out to see it on DVD, do that instead.

Much more tomorrow, I promise.

OH, and I sketched out this page today, for an upcoming re-draw of a mini I did last year. However, now I know WAY more about story telling and how to draw comics. So, I'm going to revisit it:

Audio: Jonsi.Go Do

Visual: Thor


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