sunday funday

So this got emptied last night:
What a wonderful end of the year party. Happily sponsored by the red house:

Hanging out with cartoonists AND drinking beers is a dangerous combination. I remember talking a bunch with Beth Hetland and dancing a bit towards the end of the evening. These are the comics I read while in the bathroom:

OH, and I was cutting limes ultra dangerously:

This morning, I woke up to a glorious front yard. The weather is finally beautiful on a day I don’t have work! Spring has Sprung:
I met up with my future housemates at the Polka Dot in “down town” White River Junction.
I was informed that we all went back to Katie’s house after the party. I did not remember any of this. No one was surprised. Then, we all went to Katie’s to watch the first season of The Wire. I finally got to read my buddy Corey Middleton’s Comic, The Farthest Reaches:
It’s a wordless comic about a robot traveling through space, thinking back to when it was still a human. Deep stuff. Deeper than whale poop. That stuff’s on the bottom of the ocean.
Corey’s been living in China all year and is just back for graduation. It’s super awesome to see him!
Upon watching 4 episodes of The Wire, we’re about to make a big pot of spaghetti. We were discussing watching Ponyo, but it doesn’t jive well with the drug dealers vs cops theme we’ve had all day. Until tomorrow, I’ll leave you with this photo of the four of us on Katie’s porch:
Left to right: Nate, Katie, Me, and Dave

Audio: Stars.Five Ghosts

Visual: The Wire.Season 1 / Limitless


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