So, starting Sunday, I’m going to diary blog about commencement week at CCS. There’s an end of the year party saturday night that I’ll blog about on Sunday, and that will be the start. Brandon did a really awesome week long diary for the comics journal. I’m totally ripping that idea off.

Check back Sunday! Until then, I’ll be listening to this:
AND drawing more Lincoln Franklin pages…energetic ones like these:
these aren’t grey scaled. you’ll have to buy the book to see that. I’m going to compile all three chapters I put together at CCS this year and put it out at Heroes Con in June. After that, It’ll be available on this site, or the newly purchased Sadly, I haven’t gotten around to the web design yet. AFTER this week, I’ll have free time again!

See ya Sunday, hopefully.

Audio: Kid Cudi.Man on the Moon: The End of Day / Craft Spells.Idle Labor

Visual: Deadrising 2 / Limitless / Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil


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  1. Hey Jesse I love that album, there was a point a couple weeks ago where I listened to it every day. It hooked me in a way I did not expect.

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